10 Best Ways to Make Money Online in South Africa 2021


There are many ways to make money online in South Africa, but we shall pick the most popular ways and leave those ones that aren’t common here in South Africa. If you dedicate your time into online jobs, you can make upwards of R1,000 per day. There are bloggers I know who pull in above R100,000 on monthly basis and they live comfortably.

Here is how you can make money online in South Africa 2021:

  • Blogging

Become a blogger by developing your own website and creating content. As a blogger, you’ll make money through several programs, one of them being AdSense.

First, buy a .com domain name, then web hosting package and create a website. At Bluehost,you’ll spend less than R500 for web hosting and domain registration,follow this link to visit Bluehost website

As soon as your blog is ready, start posting content on daily basis until the number of articles exceed 20, then apply for AdSense. Almost all bloggers in South Africa earn money through AdSense.

In case AdSense fails to approve your blog,register for MGID,follow this link to register

With a heavy traffic blog, you’ll never fail to make over R10,000 every month.

  • Affiliate marketing

You can also do affiliate marketing and earn money online in South Africa. Affiliate marketing require niche blogs plus social media pages. Some of the best affiliate programs include:

Betway,follow this link to apply

22Bet,follow this link to apply

Those affiliate marketing pay in terms of commissions. We have been marketing products for these companies and I can always recommend them to any blogger. Betting sites pay affiliates up to 45% of the total profit they make.

With a popular niche blog, you’ll earn more than R20,000 every month. Mine generates R30,000 to R100,000 every month.

  • Sell betting tips

Create a website which you will use to sell betting tips. More than 10 million South Africans bet on football matches and this is a ready market for you if you plan to offer betting tips. All you need is a niche blog to provide free and premium tips.To create one,go to Bluehost and register,click here to register,then but a domain name from ThemeForest,click here to buy

As you sell betting tips,you can also do affiliate marketing to boost your income,Join Betway through this link

  • Earn through YouTube

If you have nice videos to post online, don’t waste your time on Facebook, create a YouTube channel and post them there. YouTube allows you to post for free, then earn through AdSense. The income you earn depends on the number of views your videos get. For every 1,000 views, you’ll earn above $1.50

  • Sell Products on Social Media

Social media provides an ideal platform where you can sell your own products and make money from followers. The best platforms are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Products to be sold include: smartphones, shoes, clothes and electronics.

Make sure you tirelessly promote your pages so as to gather enough clientele.

  • Become an Influencer on social media

You also have a chance to make money online through social media adverts. Create pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, popularize them and make money from brands that advertise on them. A single Facebook page with over 1 million followers will generate more than R5000 per sponsored post. The more influence you have the more money you earn from adverts.

  • Provide web hosting services

Reseller web hosting is popular among people providing web hosting services in South Africa. You can start your own web hosting company by as little as R5000.You just buy hosting space that allows creating of several cPanels and sell the spaces to your client. I will recommend A2 Hosting; it has cheap web hosting packages. Buy reseller or Dedicated Server and start hosting your clients. To learn more about the company,visit their website through this link

  • Develop and sell websites

Create websites, develop then and sell when they start getting a lot of traffic. You will spend R500 to create a website, spend another R500 to develop it and sell for R100,000 within 6 months. Create even 100 websites at a time.

  • Offer Academic writing services

Create your own company that offers academic writing services. Alternatively, enroll for an online company which gives out academic writing jobs. Such jobs are numerous nowadays and they pay decent money.

  • Create a Job Board

A job board will provide a platform where companies advertise jobs. Those companies will pay for the jobs to show on your blog.

In addition, provide CV and Cover Letter writing services.

  • Participate in paid online surveys

Several companies pay participants of online surveys to complete their questions. But you need to register to those companies for you to receive the questions regularly. Over 20 companies exist in South Africa.

  • Start Ecommerce website

Create an eCommerce website and start selling your products through the site. You should also have a section within the website for affiliates.

For the first few years, you’ll struggle to break-even but if your products are really good, you’ll eventually become a force to reckon with.

  • Start online taxi business

You can create online taxi App or buy a car and join the available Apps so as to earn money through your phone.