30 ways of making money online in South Africa 2022


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1. Online Surveys

Online surveys are undertaken by a majority of the youths in South Africa. The concept does not provide a platform for generating huge cash but instead includes money for an online individual to earn some additional money. Companies primarily offer surveys to increase their service delivery to their customers. Survey tasks are frequently provided online and are easy and cheap to approach. An online user is required to search companies that require product review and log in to the platforms. Then, a company’s online department contacts the users and agrees on their services’ desirable payment.

2. Email Marketing

Email offers companies with marketing services and opportunities. For instance, niche email newsletters are used by companies to target a large number of consumers in the market. In addition, the platform constitutes Aweber, MailChimp, Drip, and ConvertKit that facilitates product marketing.

3. Sell stock footage and photos

Online platforms provide different people with payment depending on their area of interest. For instance, those who enjoy taking videos and capturing photos can realize income by uploading them to online websites. Once your photos are licensed, you receive payment in return. The websites that provide pay for people who sell stock footage are VideoHive, and photos are Shutterstock.

4. Cryptocurrency investment

Cryptocurrency investment has been on the rise during the emergence of Coronavirus in the country. This risky investment generates huge money depending on the amount ingested. It is time-consuming to learn how the markets operate and understanding the market operations provide huge returns

5. Online sale of craft products

Websites such as Etsy in South Africa provide creative individuals with a platform to sell their craft products. The platform is regarded as the largest as it constitutes good pay and encourages craftwork. Also, the site is visited by celebrities who order the craft products at higher prices

6. Become a virtual assistant

A virtual assistant receives huge pay online as they display organizing and planning skills. The task involves research, email management, data entry, and bookkeeping. Several companies in South Africa have opted for virtual assistance instead of employing people who will congest the workplace. Increased restrictions have made virtual assistants popular, thereby earning significant cash.

7. Sell software and programming services

Skills in programming languages are vital in the technological world. For example, online companies that offer colossal pay require programming languages, such as C++ and python. Individuals in South Africa focus on building and selling software to companies. Some people make mobile games, niche web, and consumer applications for cash.

8. Online tutoring

The majority of the population in South Africa speaks English. This has provided an excellent opportunity to tutor students across the globe on various subjects at a fee. In addition, tutors with RSL certifications are advantageous to receive massive pay from international online learners.

9. Website developer

Coding knowledge is vital in online platforms. For instance, a website developer in the country gets to receive colossal pay for coding skills. Moreover, websites such as Minto, Nichemarket, and Aafrea benefit developers since they receive many audiences.

10. Audiobook Narration

Online Audiobook narrators receive large pay for their contribution to the audiobook industry. This is because most of the country’s population has opted to listen to books rather than read. Therefore, an individual with a great voice in the industry receives huge pay for doing what they love.

11. Graphic designer

Graphic designers display their creativity in the online platform and receive cash in return. Knowledge in Illustrator and Photoshop programs is necessary to promote skill sets online. Online platforms such as 99designs offer a better competitive environment for graphic designers. Once you receive a recommendation from a client, this positively impacts an individual’s earnings.

12. Instagram influencer

The Instagram platform has offered the majority of youths a huge earning based on the number of followers. Companies prefer to market their products on popular Instagram platforms. It is challenging to acquire followers, and once an individual receives Instagram approval, cash starts to flow.

13. Online translator

Translation work earns online users’ cash, and individuals with knowledge of various languages are bound to receive colossal money. A test is conducted before one gets online translation approval from a company. Fluency in a language is an added advantage for individuals seeking online translators.

14. Receiving payment by searching the web

Online Web search is the simplest way to earn money in South Africa. Online users who are particularly active in using eBay, Amazon, Yahoo, Bing, and Google are advantageous for realizing increased payment from the sites. For instance, the Qmee.com website provides users with increased rewards by logging in to the platforms. Generating income from the platform requires an online user to install a simple add-on to the website and regular search. The more an individual stays logged in; the more one receives a cash reward.

15. Online market trading

Online marketing trading is a challenging means of generating returns. It requires the mastery of trading in currencies to minimize losses. Individuals with additional knowledge of financial instruments are bound to realize increased earnings on the platform. Also, one must exercise self-discipline, dedication, and patience when engaging in trading. One gets to learn new skills when using the online platform, and one does not require many funds to start. The known online market trading in South Africa is Forex which is also used globally.

16. Review apps and websites

Numerous businesses and websites seek online individuals’ services when testing their applications. For instance, the UserTesting.com application is primarily used to rate a range of apps. All you need to do is register on the website and complete a review task for one interested in earning online.

17. ‘Get paid to’ websites

The idea behind the ‘Get paid to’ website is similar to an online survey. Individuals get to earn money through vouchers and cash rewards after performing various online activities. Knowledge is required to receive high pay on the platform as the review includes technological studies, mobile device studies, entertainment surveys, and new consumer studies.

18. Affiliate marketing

Affiliated marketing is a platform where companies offer individuals the chance to promote their products online. One stands a chance of achieving increased pay when having huge followers on a website or a blog. The services a blogger provides are promoting products and the company’s brand. One can work for a company website by registering as a network publisher. After which, one gets to acquire a company’s affiliate link and share it with exciting personalities and consumers. Purchasing products via the company’s links fetches one commission. Also, an individual receives increased payment by developing a Facebook page and requesting others to join and posting a company’s products to increase the number of reviews.

19. Becoming a ‘Clickworker’

This idea comes from internet crowdsourcing, whereby a company advertises particular, scalable jobs that must be accomplished rapidly. Companies that provide this service provide a wide range of activities, although most of them include filling forms, web research, and data entry. Individuals who differentiate on their area of specialization and indicate the time they desire to undertake company tasks are bound to receive high pay. Besides, companies provide an additional bonus for excellent product reviews.

20. Review music

Many who enjoy music may turn it into a source of income. For instance, many websites and organizations, Slicethepie, provide opportunities for individuals to evaluate music. Nevertheless, building a reputation as a reviewer is challenging and requires patience. Regardless, online reviewers who have achieved trustworthiness generate massive income from their work, making it a lucrative online means of earning in 2022.

21. Buy and sell domain names

Buying and selling premium domain names are profitable in South Africa. The creation of Domains is cheap as they contain the extensions of .net and .com. Furthermore, some online users in the country are creative as they advocate for more followers on their sites, thereby increasing the value of their websites. The goal of realizing cash in the platform is by acquiring domains that have economic value and are marketable. One then sells the domains to appropriate websites, such as Sedo.com, which is accessed mainly in South Africa.You can buy domains from Bluehost cheaply and sell them at a profit.One domain will cost $11 but the same can be sold for $1000 within a year.To register a free domain,click on this link

22. YouTube videos

The presence of the Covid-19 pandemic has seen a majority of the South African population opting to join YouTube applications. The site provides users to post and watch content, which generates revenue. Individuals promote products and affiliated links and create ‘vlog’ and video logs. The more subscribers and viewers, the more one makes income from the application.

23. Watching videos online

Individuals who experience challenges in making online videos are bound to obtain cash while watching online videos. The websites that provide customers with payment for watching their videos include InboxPounds and Swagbucks. In addition, websites that desire to increase their video online views pay individuals to go viral. The platform also enables individuals to work as freelancers for pay, which provides cash to the people in South Africa.

24. Making money with a blog

People frequently create blogs to express themselves or side gigs. However, many others convert their blogs into a profitable profession. The first one should pick a broad topic: relationship, health, lifestyle, and finance. Then, one should creatively express the issues to attract many audiences. Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to provide an excellent lineup of the selected topic. Also, it is essential to apply the services of influencers and bloggers to promote the blog.

25. Build an eCommerce website

Digital marketing is rising in South Africa, which can be realized through eCommerce. The business has gained popularity as individuals get an opportunity to sell their products and services online conveniently. In addition, WooCommerce and WordPress platforms provide online users with an easier way of earning cash from their sales.

26. Create a digital course

Digital courses have gained popularity with the emergence of the pandemic. Most schools in South Africa have opted for online learning, and students seek content via the internet. Teachers in the country have decided to create self-produced educational videos and send the content to students, and in the long run, they get to earn from the number of subscriptions and views.

27. Selling advertising space

The majority of websites focus on content creation. Several organizations have opted to sell their products through websites. This indicates that owning a popular website is bound to earn one cash. Individuals make from their website by selling space to other personalities or companies.

28. A subscription job board

People who already have a website may find that posting jobs on job boards is a lucrative method to make money. This requires a popular website and allows companies to post available jobs on your website. Individuals seeking jobs get to access vacant positions and use available links to pen an application. The website’s profitability is achieved when you place charges on the company using the website platform to advertise jobs. You can also set a monthly subscription for the individuals seeking vacant positions.

29. Online Directory

Online directory is not a popular online source of money in South Africa. The website works almost similar to the job board as it requires a monthly subscription fee to access the job directory listing. However, the method is considered profitable compared to job boards since only a few individuals operate the website.

30. Publish Kindle Books

Publishing Kindle Books earns people interested in writing colossal cash. The online media provides writers with numerous services required before publishing a book, increasing online books of South African writers. As a result, the market is flooded with boo writers, creating a great deal of competition. When creating a Kindle Book, one is offered the chance to create a cover page and format and edit their work before publication.