5 Football Predictions sites with Fake Predictions in Kenya


There are five main football predictions with fake predictions in Kenya, goalgoaltips,futaatips and Cheerplex,S Samaritan and Vetted Tips are the main culprits.

Recently, one of our readers complained about Cheerplex, he claimed that Cheerplex gets not more than 6/17 correct predictions yet they claim that they get bonuses every week.The reader cautioned Kenyans against buying betting tips from Cheerplex.

The second one is Goalgoaltips.The owner does not even understand himself. All categories are priced at Ksh200 for one week or Ksh500 per month, one wonders, if you pay for GG or over 2.5 goals category, how will he differentiate between the two.Clearly,you will know that he is only interested in your money but not to provide sure tips.

Another notorious scammer is Futaatips.This one even went ahead to start two scam sites,Mimo News and Doniti.After scamming over 5,000 Kenyans, he deleted the sites and went ahead with his scamming habits. If you make a mistake to pay,the man,Dancan Mugo will never send tips.

S Samaritan and Vetted Tips are two other scammers you should not send your money to. They are owned by the same individual who collects phone numbers from bulk SMS companies and send messages to those numbers. The man does not even provide phone contacts you can call.Once you pay,he can send the tips or fail but your money will be gone.

Be careful of those five football predictions sites, they are scams.

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