Best live betting sites in Kenya

Best live betting sites in Kenya


Live betting is the best way to avoid losing your money. Kenya has several betting sites where you can place your bet while matches are being played.However,only few companies have the best odds when it comes to this option.

I have tried my luck in several betting sites but I haven’t found more suitable sites than 1XBET and Betway.In a good, or bad day, when I don’t feel betting in 1XBET,I switch to Betway.I have also learnt that most of my friends including my readers have found Betway to be the best Live betting site.

One thing that should guide you into selecting a good betting side,especially Live Betting is the odds given.Betway and 1XBET give the best odd.

At one time,I used to place my bets before the game started.I lost over Ksh 100,000 in two years.It happened that Sportpesa did not have the Live Betting option.Luckily,Betway joined the Kenyan market.A friend of mine informed me of the betting trick,which I embraced immediately.What followed shocked me…I have never lost money since then.What I normally do is I wait until the 40th minute to place a bet.By this time,I am almost 100% sure a certain team would carry the day.

If you haven’t placed a live bet,click here to join 1XBET and try today

Since I have informed you about Betway,click here too to register


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