Betpawa Zambia Jackpot Bonuses


Betpawa Zambia has one of the best jackpots in the country.The jackpot total amount is K100,000 and bonuses start from 11 correct predictions.

The stake amount is K1

Bonuses are paid based on the total amount of money collected, the number of winners and the number of people who played. If the number of winners is small,it means that the jackpot amount will be big.

Below are the bonuses paid to the winners:

  • 11/15—K10-K5000
  • 12/15—K500-K20,000
  • 13/15—K1,000-K50,000
  • 14/15—K20,000-K70,000
  • 15/15—K100,000(if only one person wins the jackpot)

In case ten people get 15/15 games correct, each of them will go home with K10,000.

All the bonuses are credited into the player accounts and can be withdrawn anytime.