Betting Site in Kenya Which Does Not Charge Tax


22Bet is one of the betting sites in Kenya that does not charge betting tax. The company platform is designed in such a way that when you win, you are able to withdraw all your money. In addition, there are no withdrawal charges. You can check details here

There is 20% tax on stake and 20% tax on winnings. These are taxes which are charged by other betting sites. But for 22Bet, the company takes the burden of paying the tax for you.

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How to register

Go to 22Bet website by following this link, click on register then enter your phone number and password you wish to use.22Bet will send you a code to your phone which you will enter when you’re signing in. You will them be able to place a bet.

Immediately you deposit money into your new account, you’ll get a bonus of up to Ksh 15,000. Ensure that you deposit more than Ksh100 so as to get the bonus. Place your bet and start earning money.

In2019 it’s when I discovered 22Bet.I was desperate after the government closed Sportpesa.It took me up to 7 days to discover 22Bet.Since then I have been using the site and it’s doing wonders for me. You can also try the site and see how it works for you.

The 40% tax which the government wants gamblers to pay is too much. Even if it’s discouraging gambling, I believe the tax is like punishment to us.


  1. I loved it but nowdays 22bet charges tax.You will only know it when you win on your betslip.For the doubting thomas try it and win on a bet.The amount you will get in your account will be less than the possible win on your betslip.

  2. Comment:if you are interested on depositing 1xbet kindly may I have your phone number for more directions.thank you