List of Businesses To Start in Kenya with Zero Capital


There are a number of businesses to start in Kenya without capital and eventually become a millionaire. Since most Kenyans blame lack of capital as a reason for avoiding entrepreneurship, the ideas below will help the start their own ventures and grow as entrepreneurs.

  • Become a YouTuber

Opening a YouTube channel is free, you only need a smartphone and data bundles. Once you start posting videos, visitors and subscribers will start watching them. After one year, you are eligible to monetize your channel via AdSense. YouTube can generate more than Ksh100,000 per month if you have over 50,000 subscribers.

  • Become a professional gambler

You can start with as little as Ksh1 to bet on football matches in Kenys.Some betting sites offer 100% welcome bonus, which helps one to start betting with low capital. Over 15 million Kenyans bet on football matches on monthly basis, a number of them earn a living through betting. If you also want to start betting, you can join 22Bet and get up to Ksh 15,000 welcome bonus,click here to register for free  

I know of a friend who place a bet of Ksh100 and won Ksh5 million from Sportpesa, that was his first bet.

  • Become a social media influencer and marketer

Social media is a platform where you join for free and interact without spending money. Creating a page on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is free. After growing the pages to gain thousands of followers, you’ll start receiving inquiries for advertisements. If your Facebook page has over 1 million followers, you’ll make more than Ksh 10,000 per sponsored post.

To make sure that you get enough number of adverts, pick on a topic like e-commerce and run with it. Those in the e-commerce industry will come to advertise on your pages.

  • Cleaning business

There are women in our estates who come to clean houses, carpets and chairs and get paid, they spend zero capital. Cleaning business require only a soap and a washing towel. In major towns like Nairobi, you’ll get numerous cleaning opportunities if you visit middle income estates like Umoja, Kitengela ,Langata or Rongai.

  • Selling products on social media

Many people think that one has to own products in order to sell them on social media, which is not true. As long as you own social media pages, you will sell products online. All you need is a phone with a good camera, take photos in boutiques and post them on your page. If someone makes an order, visit the boutique, buy the product and send to the customer. You will use the money they pay to buy the product.

  • Become a broker/real estate agent

Real estate agents don’t have specific academic qualifications; they have hustled their way up. Even brokers of land and houses only need skills. There is no income required for one to become a broker/real estate agent.

  • Blogging

Most bloggers started with a capital of less than Ksh5,000, they are now super rich. I am among those who started with less than Ksh2,000. To start blogging, you need a website, domain name and web hosting space. A domain name costs as low as Ksh 300 while hosting is as cheap as Ksh 2,000 per year. But we would encourage you to get hosting from Bluehost because is the best for top Kenyan bloggers. To see the available packages,click on this link

You will make money from AdSense or AdSense alternatives like MGID.With  1 million monthly visitors, you’ll make at least Ksh100,000 per month.

  • Farming

If you have land, farming will be easy to do. You can start with planting Sukuma wiki then upgrade to tomatoes, spinach and other high demand vegetables.