CFA Salaries in USA



Chartered Financial Analyst certification is one of the best certificates to pursue in USA.The qualification comes with attractive salary package and respectable job title. In the year 2017, these were the salaries for CFA holders in USA.

CFA Intern 30,000-45,000
CFA Level 1 35,000-45,000
CFA Level II 40,000-50,000
CFA Level III 45,000-60,000
CFA+Bachelor of Commerce or Business Degree 65,000
CFA+Degree+3 Year Experience 65,000-80,000
CFA+Degree+MBA+3 Year Experience 75,000-90,000
Financial Analyst With 5 Year Experience 80,000-90,000
Finance Manager With CFA Qualification 90,00+
Finance Director with CFA Qualifications 120,000+


It takes a CFA candidate approximately 3 years after graduation to complete the entire courses. After completing, the individual would join the finance industry as an intern or graduate trainee. At this point, he will be subjected to low pay, usually less than $ 40,000 per annum as he continue gathering professional experience. After 1 year of training, he will be given a title, normally a Financial Analyst.At this point,the salary will rise significantly to cross the $50,000 mark, which is impressive.

The more you stay in the industry, the more you earn. After 3 years of professional experience, the professional will be subjected to heavy duties, which comes with attractive salary package.At this point,the annual salary rises to over $ 70,000 per year but will not exceed %100,000 unless you have a title like, “Chief Finance Officer”.

The real fruits of CFA qualification comes after you have stayed in the industry for at least 10 years and you have been promoted to the position of Fund Manager, Chief Finance Office or Investment Director. If you find yourself earning less than $100,000 at this stage, then complain for salary increment.

To be precise, here in America CFA is well paying, especially if you manage to work in the stock market or investment industry. Sometimes Finance Analysts earn more than individuals with MBA qualification.

With a CFA qualification and MBA, you are sure of living your dream and perhaps exceeding your expectations in regards to renumeration and job satisfaction.