How To Stop Betting Addiction

How To Stop Betting Addiction


Last week I got an email from a disturbed gambler who has lost his fortune through football betting. He was seeking advice on how to stop betting addiction. In his email, the individual states that he has been betting for 7 years and any time he makes his mind to quit the addictive habit, he backslides again.

This situation is faced by millions of gamblers world over. It’s not the gamblers’ way of life, it’s because of the false hopes betting gives any individual who attempts to seek wealth through betting.

For gamblers who feel the need to quit the game, here is the easiest way to quit.

  1. Look for something that occupies you

The first step in quitting gambling is to look for something that occupies you most of the time. For instance, you can join employment where you have little time at your disposal.

  1. Avoid being in a group that discuss betting

Another way to quit betting is to avoid being in a group that always discuss betting. If possible, spend most of your time in church and social places like weddings.

  1. Always ensure you have little money in your pocket

I know it’s hard to walk around without liquid cahs,but it helps when you have little cash to spend. If possible, keep ATM cards away from you and always avoid having money in MPESA

  1. Look for alternative game, perhaps your hobby

If you manage to identify your hobby where you don’t spend money, please start practicing the activity. With time, you will be able to forget about gambling.

  1. Don’t discuss football

The more you discuss football,the more you find yourself developing interest in betting.Ensure that you keep the topic out of your mind.