How Many People are Playing Sportpesa Jackpot every Week

How Many People are Playing Sportpesa Jackpot every Week


One most popular question among Kenyans is how many people play Sportpesa Jackpot every week. According to statistics obtained by fixusjobs,2.5 millon play sportpesa jackpot weekly. The midweek jackpot is played by slightly less humans, approximately 1.4 million people.

In a good week, if no individual wins money,Sportpesa makes Ksh 250 million from the mega jackpot and Ksh 140 million from the mid-week jackpot.In case few individuals win but they don’t win the mega jackpot amount,Sportpesa will make approximately Ksh350 million each week. But there is the issue of tax, advertisement costs, hosting costs and operational costs, all these costs Sportpesa approximately Ksh70 million weekly-which means the company makes over Ksh200 million each week from the two jackpots when individuals don’t win.

The surprising thing is that there are some people who play twice, thrice and countless times on weekly basis. These are the ones who enrich the company.

Gambling is a huge industry in Kenya and Sportpesa is the greatest beneficiary.