How to Avoid Being Poor in Kenya


More than half of Kenyans are poor and the status quo will remain until further notice unless something strange happens. Nobody is happy to be poor and if you can avoid being one, the better. There are many ways in which you can avoid being poor in Kenya, they include:

  • Study for a marketable degree

A marketable degree will help you climb the social and economic ladder so easily. It’s through education that many Kenyans end up being rich not by chance but through hard work. Since most degrees won’t assure you of a job, it’s important to register for a marketable course. Some of the best courses to do in Kenya include: Medicine & Surgery, Law, Electrical Engineering, Nursing, Pharmacy, Software Engineering and Piloting.

  • Get married to a rich man

If you are a beautiful and educated lady, don’t settle for a poor man, go for a rich man. By being married to a rich man, you’ll be entitled to his wealth and good life. There are many women in Kenya whose life changed completely after getting married to rich men. The good thing is that your parents will also directly benefit from your marriage.

  • Live within your means and invest

Many people, especially those living in Nairobi live a fake lifestyle. You find someone earning Ksh 70,000 but owns a car, lives in a ksh30,000 per month apartment and has several girlfriends. With this kind of lifestyle, there is no way you will escape poverty. Make sure you spend less than what you earn and always save before spending your earnings.

If you are salaried, invest the savings so that you can get more cash.

  • Start a profitable business

Do your own research, identify a profitable business and inject your money most occasions, business will pay better than employment.

Never ever rely on salary alone, start a side hustle no matter how small it is.

If you can’t secure employment, then try business. You might get it rough at the beginning but eventually get out of poverty.

  • Try crazy things like betting on football matches and jackpots

There are plenty of jackpots in Kenya which you can bet for and become an instant millionaire, one of them is Sportpesa.Betika, Mozzart, Odibets, Bet254 are other jackpots you can bet for. These jackpots require one to take a risk,a huge one. But one thing I would tell you, nobody will ever succeed without taking risks.

Alternatively, you can become a professional gambler and provide betting tips or bet on football matches. I can suggest that you use 22Bet to place your bet because it has high odds on matches and offers 100% welcome bonus,click here to visit 22Bet website and register

  • Avoid Alcohol and women

You should also avoid alcohol and women if you seriously consider becoming rich. If you have so many girlfriends, you’ll find yourself spending so much on them to the extent of being broke in most occasions. Alcohol is another thing to forfeit if you want to become rich in Kenya. If you successfully manage to avoid these two, you won’t be poor at all.

  • Move from your home to a busy town where money circulation is high

Another good idea for any person who wants to avoid being poor is to move from the village to a busy town like Nairobi. One disadvantage of living in the village is that there are no new ideas, your financial status will always be the same until you move to a busy town. In a town like Nairobi, you’ll learn about profitable businesses, how to do business, how to maneuver and become a successful entrepreneur and where to source your products from.

  • If you live in the village, forget about getting out of poverty.

Friends can be misleading in most cases, especially those stuck in poverty—they have a negative attitude towards wealth. Immediately you realize that your friends are good for nothing, stop associating with them and look for new company.

Rich people only associate with a few people, those with similar mindset. If you don’t behave like rich people in terms of your thinking, you’ll be stuck in poverty.

  • Associate with rich and successfully people

Rich people have high self-esteem, they are connected and are ready to try new things. By associating with them, your mindset and way of doing things change. The people you associate with depends on how far you’ll go in life.

  • Take calculated risks.

If you have been poor for a long time, it’s time to take a risk. Try even new businesses and look for better jobs. Poor people hate taking risks because of the fear for unknown, which is why they remain poor forever.

  • Move to a developed country like USA.

Many Kenyans have come out of poverty by moving to developed countries like USA, Canada, Australia and UK. apply for green cards, try to date someone from those areas, apply for scholarships. If you manage to move out of Kenya, you’ll start making money and eventually become rich.