How to Avoid making Losses in Sports Betting


Before I started making profits regularly, I used to wonder why I was making losses in sports betting until I was advised by experienced punters on how to avoid losses in gambling. When you are a gambler, sometimes you are tempted to bet on daily basis or even more than ones a day, the more you lose the more you get inspired to bet. It reaches a time when you lose all your money and desperation sets in, that’s when depression becomes the order of the day.

In this world we have professional gamblers, people whose full time job is to bet. We also have part time gamblers who occasionally gambler to pass time. To become a professional gambler, the number one priority is to reduce losses—you must master the tricks of reducing the losses to bare minimum. For the part time gamblers, making losses is normal, but you should also avoid losses as much as possible. It’s understood that gambling is one of the many activities which affect the normal functioning of the brain. For a person’s brain to function normally, free from depression, they must register more wins than losses. To do so, here are the tips to employ:

  1. Bet on single bets

It’s good to combine more than one game to form a slip but that’s dangerous. When a slip has more than one match, chances of losing are high.

With the adoption of single bet technique, you will win almost daily. All you need is to have enough stake to bet every game separately.

  1. Bet on jackpots

Another way to avoid losing your money is to bet on jackpots but you should bet moderately. Jackpots often have big amounts to win and if you win ones, you’ll recover all the money you have lost in your lifetime. But avoid betting on jackpots that require high stake.

  1. Buy betting tips

Another good strategy to employ is to buy sure betting tips. When you make that decision, it will be easier for you to make a decision on the best available bets by comparing your analyzed tips and those you receive from tipsters.

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  1. Know when you stop betting

It’s not all the time you wake up with luck, there are days things are not going well. If you bet ones, twice, three times and notice that you are losing, stop until the following day. And if you wake up and realize that it’s your day, bet until you start losing. During bad days you can lose all your money even go for a loan if you aren’t careful.

  1. Bet as a group

Form a group of 2 to 5 individuals. Contribute money and place joint bets. If you lose, the loss won’t be felt much and if you win, everyone will benefit.

When you form discussion groups, it makes easy for you to win because ideas will help pick the right games.

  1. Join Betting company with bonuses and free bets

Free bets help punters from making massive losses. Not all sites offer free bets but I will pick a couple of them you should join if you wish to get welcome bonus and free bets.

22Bet, free bet of up to Ksh12,000 weekly and Ksh 15,000 welcome bonus (Click here to sign up)

1XBET free bet of up to $200 and Ksh10,000 welcome bonus (Click here to sign up)

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  1. Avoid high risk games with high odds

If you find a game with over 1.7 odds, that’s a high risk match. Such games alongside correct score and HT/FT should be avoided. In case you need consistent wins, bet for games with less than 1.60 odds. It’s better to win daily with small odds than to chase millions in vain with high odds.

Statistics show that majority of gamblers don’t last more than 3 years. More encouraging statistics reveal that those who bet on small odds never quit because they win regularly. The answer to long term gambling activity is by selecting small but sure odds.

  1. Stake moderately

In gambling there is nothing like 100% sure, a game of football has many surprises. You are told to bet what you can afford to lose. If your pocket has $1000, don’t spend the entire amount expecting to make a profit, always leave some for tomorrow.

No gambler is assured of winning daily, which is why you should set aside a stake for each day.