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How to Cancel BetPawa bet


While many of us would be happy to cancel BetPawa bet, the company states that once a bet has been placed you don’t have the opportunity to cancel it.

Last year I placed a bet on a wrong team—I was absent minded—and when I called BetPawa to cancel my bet,the company responded that once an individual has placed a bet,he has not chance of reversing it.They advised me to be careful henceforth.That’s when I decided to join 1XBET,which allows me to reverse my bet with ease.You can join 1XBET via this link

What you are encouraged to do is to ensure you are careful when placing a bet so as to avoid a wrong option.You also need to be patient after placing a bet because you may be surprised that the bet you thought was wrong is the right one.

Most people love BetPawa because of their bonuses and high odds, but 1XBET is a better one because they have 200% welcoming and Ksh10, 000 bonus after one has spent a total of Ksh 10,000 in betting.