How To Get a Sure Bet

How To Get a Sure Bet


Every gambler would want to get a sure bet in every game but this is normally not possible. However, there are simple tricks to employ to come up with sure bets.

Always when I place my bets there are basic principles I follow. For instance,if in a game one team has an odd of 2 and the other 3,I automatically know there is no sure bet there.If I find that the home team has an odd of 1.10 or below and the away team has an odd of more than 20,I automatically know that there is a sure bet here.In such a game where the odd of home team is less than 1.10,there are more than 99.9 % chances of scooping some money in the game, unless a miracle happens. A game like this, the least you can expect is a draw from the home team. If you select a win or draw for the home team, you will be almost 100% sure of not losing the money.

Another case where you can have a sure bet is when away team has been given a red card and is down with at least three goals. Statistics show that a weak team won’t recover in such a case.If you engage yourself in a live bet, you will never lose such a bet.

A classical case where you can get a sure bet is when both teams are strong and the odds are almost the same. Two strong teams are both given an odd of two. If you find such a case, don’t be in a hurry to place your bet.

The worse bet you can place is one the home team has an odd of 3 or 4 and away team has an odd of 1.5 or 2.If you get yourself betting in this match, be ready to lose your money.

What we understand,in football, there has never been a sure bet, even the players themselves don’t trust their legs,who are you to trust their result!The worst case is when someone tells you,”I am selling a sure bet,and you fall for that trap”.My friend,there is no human being who can give you a sure bet,unless than person is God.

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