How to Identify Scammers of Football Betting Tips


There are many known and unknown scammers of football betting tips online and it’s easy to identify them. But if you aren’t careful enough, you’ll lose a fortune in the process of looking for fixed matches.

Before paying money for betting tips, first do your own research to determine whether you are dealing with a scammer or not. Here are the signs that you are dealing with a scammer:

  • They don’t use real names on Facebook

If you find someone using a pseudo name on Facebook, that’s a scammer. Genuine tipsters must use their real names, provide genuine contacts and have several real friends.

In most cases, these scammers change their Facebook names regularly, that’s after scamming unsuspecting customers.

No matter how someone is convincing, don’t send them money if you realize that they aren’t using their real names online.

  • They claim to be providing fixed matches regularly

Fixed matches rarely exist, it’s only scammers who purport to be offering those games. One question you should ask them, “are you offering fixed matches?”, if they claim to be offering them daily, don’t even argue, move on.

  • They ask one off exorbitant fee

These scammers know that you aren’t going to subscribe again, so they make sure that the money you pay once is a lot such that even if you don’t subscribe again, they’ve already earned what they wanted. Most scammers ask for $50 to $1000 for a couple of fixed matches.

  • They are mostly in Telegram

Only less than 10% of tipsters in Telegram can be trusted. Majority of those providing tips on this platform are scammers. They use Photoshop to show fake screenshots of winnings. Gullible people will fall to this trap and end up paying for fake tips. If you make a mistake of paying, they’ll block you and disappear.

More often than not, they change their names and profiles every time.

  • They don’t have functioning contacts

Scammers don’t use specific known contacts; they keep on changing. In most cases their phones don’t go through because they are always running away from people they’ve scammed.

Before making payments, ensure that their phone numbers are registered by mobile number providers and also own email addresses which are functioning.

  • They don’t own established websites

Scammers don’t own established websites because they know their websites will be reported or they can be easily accessed. Anybody offering betting tips without owning a website stands a better chance of becoming a scammer.

A reliable tipster should own a website, register phone numbers and email addresses.

While confirming that they own a website, ensure you research online for reviews in regard to that website.

  • They will eventually block you

Scammer don’t like to be asked many questions especially after a client pays. If you make payment and within a short time, your number is blocked, then know you are dealing with a scammer.

  • They always have screenshot of huge winnings

You should always doubt screenshots showing huge winnings unless you were provided with the tips before the games were played. Scammers will always photo shop games and come up with fake figures which they claim to be winnings. As a human being who will use common sense, you’ll know when you’re being cheated.

The odds in the screenshots will be huge—very doubtful. They will claim to be winning millions daily.

  • Scammers often provide correct score tips

Scammers know that most people want correct score tips because of the huge odds that come with the tips, they will therefore show fake correct score results which they claim their subscribers received previously.

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