How to make money online 2022


There are numerous ways of making money online in 2022.As an individual, you can either work full time or part time depending on your schedule. There are millions of people earning a living working online full time, I am one of them. I started working online in 2011, at first it was part time and by 2018, I was earning enough money which gave me confidence to quit my job. Currently, my monthly income ranges between $10,000 ad $30,000.

If you also wish to make money online, below are things you can pursue:

  • Blogging

Start a blog with as little as $50, join AdSense and start making money online. First you need a domain name, hosting space and a website. To get cheap domain name,follow this link and visit Bluehost

After designing a website, go ahead and start posting.When your articles reach 20,proceed to apply for AdSense. In case AdSense does not approve your site,apply for an alternative.I recommend MGID because it equally pays well,follow this link to apply for MGID

The money you’ll make from blogging will be determined by your efforts.For instance,if your blog manages over 1 million visitors,you’ll earn at least $2,000.

  • Affiliate marketing

Even as you blog, you can also do affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing, marketers earn commissions. Web hosting, betting, online shops,email marketing and SEO tools are some of the things you will market online.

Affiliate marketing works well when you own a niche site.To come up with such a site,it takes less than 3 days.

I also do affiliate marketing and it’s my main source of income. One of the sites I promote online is 22Bet,which pays up to 40% of the gross profit they earn.If you are also ready to market them,sign up here

The most successful bloggers are those doing affiliate marketing.

  • Academic writing

Obtain your own account where companies will submit academic writing jobs. Employ people to do the job for you—or simply do the job for yourself. Most clients will pay $10 to $100 per page.

Academic writing jobs are popular among graduates in developing countries like Kenya and Nigeria, but even some graduates in UK and India do the jobs.

  • Offer HR Services online

Some of the HR services to do online include:CV and Cover Letter writing, outsourcing of employees for companies and advertising of jobs. To become successful, first make sure that you own a blog where job adverts will be placed. The traffic you’ll receive from the adverts will help you to get clients of CV and Cover Letter writing.

  • Become a YouTuber

There are millions of people worldwide earning through YouTube. You need zero investment to run a successful YouTube channel. But one challenge you’ll get is to come up with viral Videos.

To earn over $100 every month, you need over 30,000 views. The views will result from your subscribers and referrals. You need over 100,000 subscribers in order to earn decent income.

But since YouTube is a free platform for everyone, register today and try your luck.

  • Build eCommerce website

Sell products online like Amazon, Alibaba and Jumia.You require a capital of less than $1000 to create a successful eCommerce website.To get started, visit Bluehost and get a domain name and web hosting package,click here to visit the company’s site

You’ll get several eCommerce templates from ThemeForest cheaply,follow this link to visit ThemeForest

  • Resell Web Hosting

Buy hosting space from leading web hosting companies and sell to other bloggers and small companies. It’s cheaper to run a company by using other companies’ servers than owning your own server especially if you have less than 1,000 clients.

You’ll buy a server at $300 and sell the space to 100 clients, earning upwards of $1,000.

Some of the best companies to buy resell hosting packages include;

Bluehost,visit the company here

A2 Hosting, visit the company here

  • Participate in online paid surveys

Several survey companies pay members to answer questions. Though this is not a get rich quickly method, you’ll at least earn some money to keep you going.

Some of the companies include:

1. LifePointsWorldwide
2. VIP VoiceCanada, United States
3. Pinecone ResearchUnited States & Canada
4. Survey ClubCanada & United States

These companies pay to members only and the payment is done for questions answered successfully.

  • Do transcription

Transcription entails listening and converting the message into texts. There are many transcription jobs online that you can pursue especially if you want to work from home. In a month, you’ll make between $100 and $4000 depending on how efficient you are.

  • Buy and sell domains

Buy domain names and sell them after sometime. You can buy a .com domain name for $11 and sell it for $1,000 after one year. As you know, the older the domain, the higher the authority. Some bloggers prefer buying older domains than new domain with zero authority because they understand the pain of developing a blog from scratch. If you want to buy .come domain name,follow this link

  • Create Digital courses

If you have valuable knowledge you wish to pass to those who need it, create digital courses. For bloggers, digital courses related to blogging, SEO and web hosting will be ideal. There are also several areas like online marketing, which people want to explore—teach them on how to market their products through digital courses.

  • Become social media influencer

Develop social media pages and get companies to advertise on them. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok are some of the platforms to create pages with. When you reach over 1 million followers for each platform, you’ll earn upwards of $500 per sponsored content.

To attract followers, you have to create useful or entertaining content. People will follow you based on what you offer.

  • Sell on social media

Items to sell on social media include, electronics, shoes, clothes and smartphones. You will sell these products by posting photos and contacts on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Telegram. But it needs a lot of efforts to break even.

  • Offer web design services

IT and Computer Science Gurus will easily earn a living by providing cheap Web Design services. They need a website and social media for promoting their work. It’s only the first few years that you’ll struggle to get customers, thereafter, they’ll come through referrals.

  • Sell your services

If you are a professional, you will use online platforms to sell your services. Doctors, SEO experts,Lawyers,Chefs and teachers are some the professionals who sell their services online.

  • Create and sell websites

I have done the business of creating and selling of websites for several years and it really pays. The first time I sold a website was in 2014.Someone wanted a website with over 3,000 daily page views, and he had identified mine. I sold it to him for $10,000. I went ahead and created several websites. Nowadays I sell at least one website annually.

  • Provide email marketing services

Create email marketing tool like ConvertKit,Aweber or GetResponse.Promote the tool through bloggers, marketers and social media. You’ll get thousands of clients who’ll be using the services.

  • Become a freelancer

Sites like Upwork offer individuals opportunity to freelance. Someone will be given tasks like, replying to emails, creating posts for companies and running social media pages for other companies. In return, you are paid.

  • Offer guest posting

Develop articles and sell to bloggers, media houses and individual companies. If you are excellent writer, you’ll never lack where to sell your articles.

You are required to contact various bloggers and media companies to inquire whether they accept paid guest posting. No company will reject useful content.

  • Sell photos and videos online

Create a directory of photos and videos to sell online to bloggers, media companies and other online companies that buy them.

Some of the photos can be sold to these companies

  1. Shutterstock
  2. iStockPhoto

If you’re a videographer, then some of the top sites are:

  1. VideoHive
  2. Pond5
  3. VideoBlocks
  4. Dissolve

You will sell one photo for up to $1000.

  • Invest in Cryptocurrency

Nowadays there are many people buying and selling Bitcoins. With huge investment, you’ll get heavy returns. Someone will buy one Bitcoin for $10,000 and sell the same for $30,000, earning $20,000 within a short time.

It’s rare to make losses when dealing with Bitcoins.

  • Do Forex Trading

Another online business to do is forex trading, but it needs sober mind, perseverance and knowledge of forex trading. You can start by creating a Demo account which you will use to practice how to do Forex Trading.

  • Sell on Amazon

If you have products you want to sell, place them on Amazon as a merchant. The company will set aside space for your products and pay you every month based on successful products sold.

  • Become a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant helps in doing general bookkeeping, data entry, email management, research, managing social media accounts and many others. Some of the companies offering these jobs include ;Fiverr, Upwork, and

  • Sell Software online

Google Play is one platform to use when you have an App you want to sell. The more your App is downloaded, the more money you make online.

Software developers should capitalize on this opportunity and make a lot of money online.

  • Develop and sell WordPress themes

If you have knowledge of developing WordPress Themes, go ahead and create some. There is ready market for WordPress Themes. Companies like Envanto sell themes for up to $1000, they have millions of customers.

  • Offer SEO services

Advise bloggers on how to increase traffic, how to earn more money and how to optimize their blogs for SEO.You will also develop your own SEO tool to be used by marketers and bloggers.

  • Manage Social media accounts

Famous personalities, business persons and politicians don’t have time to manage their social media pages. In your area, come up with a company that manages those social media pages. Clients will pay monthly for the services.