How to Make Money Online in 2020


There are numerous ways of making money online in 2020.What you need is to identify an area that fits you and start working on it.If you don’t want to get employed by someone,make yourself a boss by doing some of the following tasks online:

  • Become a blogger

Blogging is so far the best way to earn money online. As a blogger, you need a domain name, a website and ways of making money. The cost of starting a blog ranges between $20 and $300 depending on several factors. First, ensure you come up with a unique domain name, then identify a reliable hosting company which you can host with for the longest time possible. The best way to make money with a new blog is AdSense.

To buy a domain name and web hosting space,click on this link and visit Bluehost

You will be required to search for available domain name, then select shared hosting, basic hosting plan and proceed to pay. The amount you’ll pay per year does not exceed $50.

Though many bloggers earn through various platforms, I would advise you to choose AdSense because it’s the highest paying monetization platform.

Before applying for AdSense, make sure your blog meets the following conditions:

–It should not have adult, terrorism or gambling content

—Your blog should have at least 20 high quality articles

—Make sure at least 2 articles contain over 2,000 words each

–None of your articles should have less than 500 words

—Your blog should be in less competitive niches like environment, business, agriculture, education.

—The blog should have high level domain name,click here to buy a domain name

—You should use premium WordPress theme,click here to get one from Themeforest

—-Your domain should be at least three weeks’ old

–Use original photos for your articles

You AdSense account will be approved within 2-4 days.

Amount of money you’ll earn from AdSense

You will earn in excess of $1,000 if your blog gets more than 1 million page views. Your target should be to get more than 1 million monthly page views in order to earn reasonable amount of money.

  • Earn from YouTube

Create a YouTube channels, upload videos and start making money. YouTube is a free platform for video developers. Before applying to monetize your channel, ensure that it’s at least 12 months old, your videos have received over 4,000 hours watch time and has 1,000 subscribers or more.

YouTube requires that you post original videos to avoid copyright issues. The videos should also be interesting to watch, unique and more informative.

For every 1,000 views, you’ll be earning $1.5 to $3 from YouTube.

Comedians, Chefs, teachers, tourists, bloggers and photographers are among the highest paid YouTubers in the world.

  • Sell products on social media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and Telegram are some of the best platforms where you can sell your products and make money online. You only need a page which you will use to promote your products, share widely and gain followers…the more popular your page, the more you earn money through sales.

In Instagram, sell designer clothes, cosmetics and women shoes. You can also sell duvet and cooking utensils. Anything salable can be promoted on social media.

The beauty of selling on social media is that you don’t have to use any money to join the platforms, in most cases, those who will be following you are individuals who like your products.

Apart from owning social media accounts, you can also pay influencers to advertise your products on social media.

  • Become an influencer

Apart from selling your products on social media, you can also become an influencer and sell other people’s products. Create an account on Facebook which will own a Facebook page, popularize it by creating engaging content that will attract more followers. The moment your page hits over 1 million followers, you’ll start getting advertisement offers from companies.

Influencer job yields maximum returns when performed on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedln.Your main aim as an influencer is to hit over 1 million followers. Companies advertising on your pages will pay upwards of $1,000 per sponsored posts. Influencers like Christiano Ronaldo earn more than $1 million per sponsored post.

  • Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the main source of income for nearly a quarter of bloggers in the world. The companies offering affiliate programs pay marketers in terms of commissions. If you want to succeed online, affiliate marketing is the most ideal area to specialize on. Your most important task is to identify a niche you are passionate about, then search for affiliate marketing programs in that niche and start marketing them.

Though most companies accept affiliates to market on social media, it’s highly advisable to own a blog which you will be using for marketing. Sometimes social media can be reliable—it can deny you traffic—but your blog will always be reliable because you own it.

One of the most popular affiliate programs is Amazon, over 100,000 affiliates are currently promoting the online store’s products.

Each niche has its own affiliate programs. For instance, if you are into web hosting, Bluehost, GoDaddy, Hostigator and Kinsta are some of the most popular affiliate programs.

For you to succeed as an affiliate, ensure that you create a niche blog. Dealing with a single segment will lead to relevant traffic that will always convert. To create a blog,click on this link

Affiliate marketing is better than AdSense because you don’t need a lot of traffic to earn. Your site can get 10 visitors per day and one of them purchases a product that generates $1,000. In AdSense, to earn $1,000, your site needs more than 600,000 visitors.

  • Make money by selling online courses

If you are good in an area, you can develop courses and sell them online. You can even develop interview questions and answers and sell to recruiting agencies.

I have a friend who’s a chef, he is also running a YouTube channel. Last year, he created a course on how to cook various foods and started selling. In three months, he managed to generate more than $10,000.

We also have several bloggers who have created online courses to advise upcoming bloggers on various ways of earning money online. Apart from earning from AdSense and affiliate programs, they also sell the courses to other bloggers.

To sell more, you need to specialize in an areas and get people to know you.

  • Become a DJ

Nowadays some DJs make money online by entertaining their followers. YouTube and Facebook are some of the platforms commonly used by DJs.As you play the songs, you’ll provide your mobile number which your followers will use to send money. On YouTube, you’ll earn by uploading your videos. DJs also earn by training other DJs.You will also be invited to events to entertain guests.

  • Sell birthday and wedding cakes online

Cake baking is a profitable business which can be done online. Create a blog and display photos of your cakes and prices. You should also create a YouTube channels where you train people on how to bake cakes. The YouTube channel will generate income through AdSense.

  • Drop Shipping

Drop Shipping involves selling products that you don’t own but are shipped by companies which have stocked them. Your work is to advertise on your online platforms and once orders are made, inform the companies selling the products to deliver to buyers, you will then earn commissions.

You can do drop shipping for e-commerce or cosmetics sites and earn huge commissions.

  • Academic writing

Academic writing involves writing project work, proposals and analyzing data for university/college students. There are specific companies which provide such tasks. You are required to register and start getting academic writing jobs. The companies pay per page completed. Payment is made through PayPal.

Here are some of the most popular academic writing companies:

  1. VIP Writers
  2. Writers Web
  3. Pro Writers Time
  4. Writers Bay
  5. Essay Company
  6. Freelancer
  7. Become a Virtual Assistant

Another jobs you can comfortably do online is become a Virtual Assistant. We have people who don’t have time to reply to emails, apply for tenders, manage their social media pages, write letters and do other errands, this is something you can do online. There are numerous companies that offer such jobs, such as Upwork.All you need is to register by providing information about your qualifications and work will always be sent to you.

  • Buy and sell domains

One of the least exploited areas is of buying and selling domains. I am sure you understand that to make a new domain popular, you need more than 1 years. There are bloggers and companies who like buying already established domains. You will buy a domain for $11 at Bluehost and sell it after one year for $5,000.

If you buy something like 1,000 domains, you can make more than $10,000 per month. If you want to start the business, first create a blog, then buy several domains and stock them at Bluehost—you can buy VPS hosting plan for less than $60 per month,click here to search for domain names

You should also create and grow your Facebook pages where you promote your products.

  • Provide anti hacking/website security solutions

Several websites are hacked daily worldwide and the owners often need urgent solutions.If you know how to offer anti hacking solutions,start your own online firm ,you’ll get random  clients. You will also provide website migration services from one web hosting to another.

  • Preach online and get paid

Nowadays you don’t need a structure to start preaching, you can launch your ministry online. People want to get close to God, especially those who are facing many challenges. If you can convince them about the word of God, most of them will pay for the services. Later when your online ministry grows, start a church near your home…you will even preach through radio and televisions and get paid by followers.

  • Provide language Interpretation services

Foreign languages are in high demand in various countries. Chinese, English, French and Italian are some of the best languages you can interpret online. Create your own blog and social media pages where you offer interpretation and training services. Tourists and companies will approach you for interpretation.

  • Start an e-commerce company like Amazon

Don’t fear to try anything—those who hate taking risks never get out of average zone.E-commerce is one of the best online businesses to launch in this century. In future, people are not going to buy in supermarkets and malls, they’ll order online and the products are delivered into their doorsteps.

To start an online shop like Amazon, you need capital of $200 to $5000 depending on the structure and size of your business. Most online shops start with a simple line of business and grow over time.

The first step is to look for a name of your business, then register a domain name, create a website and start marketing your products. To register the domain name and buy hosting space,click on this link

On Bluehost website, make sure to select WooCommerce hosting because that’s the most ideal hosting environment for e-commerce business.

You also need an e-commerce WordPress them for you site, they are available at ThemeForest for as low as $10.To see the list of available themes,click on this link

Initially, you will start by displaying items for other merchants who pay on monthly basis, then start displaying your products.

The most important thing is knowing where to source the products from and how they are delivered to the buyers. As you run your company, create an affiliate section where bloggers will sign up and start marketing your products for commissions.

  • Create an e-book

Start selling e-books online especially on Amazon. If you are a teacher or in a profession where your services are on high demand, you can create an e-book and place it on Amazon where people will order and pay you. You will easily become a millionaire if your e-book is sold to thousands of customers.

Even if you are a blogger, you still have an opportunity to write a book and sell online.

  • Sell academic notes

Most people who pursue professional courses like CFA, ACCA, CFE and CPA don’t have a specific source of reading materials. If you are an accountant who can sample notes, package them and upload online, you’ll help so many people. Make sure you get past papers—questions and answers and have them on your website. Students will purchase them on regular basis if they find them useful.

  • Sell photographs and videos online

Photographers are among those people who make money online, most of them have a database of photos and videos which they sell to sites like Alamy.Top sites like CNN and BBC often buy those professional photos. SmugMug Pro, Shutterstock and iStockphoto and some of the companies that buy photos online.

  • Become a freelancer

Freelancing also pays decent income if you are good at what you do. Sites like offer a wide range of opportunities to individuals seeking opportunities online. Some of the duties you can do include: data entry, academic writing and transcription

  • Buy and sell old stuff

Companies like OLX are best known for buying and selling old stuff. Millions of people have old clothes, shoes, chairs, tables and electronics they want to dispose there is nobody ready to buy them. If you come up with a company that buys those products online, you’ll help many individuals. Sometimes what you don’t like is the same thing someone desperately intends to own.

  • Importing products from abroad

Some traders don’t want the hustle of importing products from abroad, they rather pay someone to do the job for them. Having a company that imports goods from abroad on behalf of those traders will help immensely. People will inform you what to order from abroad, your work will be to ensure that they receive the products and you get paid some fee.

  • Start HR Consultancy services

Those with excellent skills in Excel and Microsoft Word will help graduates to write professional CVs and cover letters. You will write one CV for $10-$50.In addition, you will come up with a website that advertises jobs for companies or one where job seekers will submit CVs at a fee. Those companies advertising on your site will be paying you a small fee.

Alternatively, start linking job seekers, especially from Africa, to Middle East employers. Those job seekers will pay some fee before they depart for Middle East.

  • Offer professional services online

Professional services like Law, medicine, data analysis, recipe and physical fitness can be provided online. You may find someone wanting a divorce but they don’t know how to go about it, they’ll seek online services. Data Analysis can also be offered online especially to university students.

The most common online services involve health. Millions of people have health complications and would want to seek help online, if you are a health practitioner, you will be paid for the required services.

  • Start a mobile lending App

Mobile lending Apps are becoming common; they are in fact replacing banks. The best thing about these Apps is that they give instant loans especially for people with history of not defaulting loans. You can as well develop and App which you will use to lend people money and they repay with modest interest.

  • Develop Apps and websites for companies

If you possess skills in IT/computer science or web design, start a web design company which you will use to advertise your skills.E-commerce and news sites are some of the institutions that need Apps.To develop one App,you’ll be paid in excess of $1000.In a month, if you develop 3 Apps,that’s a cool $3,000.

  • Start betting for football matches

You can also start betting and make money online. One of the best betting sites to register with is 22Bet,click on this link to register

Betting requires deep analysis for available football matches. If you are able to identify sure odds, you’ll make regular income from the tips. However, you have to bet responsibly because all your money might be consumed if you don’t control yourself.

  • Offer betting tips

There are hundreds of sites that offer betting tips to gamblers. The best way to do this is by creating a site that post content about sports and gambling. First, provide free tips then start selling predictions for those interested on them. Subscribers will pay weekly, two weeks, monthly or even for one year. The payment method should be PayPal, Western Union, Mobile Money or Wire Transfer. You will send to them via SMS, email or WhatsApp. The best email marketing tool to use is GetResponse,click here to register for free

  • Create a dating site

There is nothing that sells like relationships. People are all over searching for soulmates online. The best idea is to come up with a betting site which provides a platform where desperate souls meet. You will earn from the subscription fee that they pay when registering as members.

  • Start online game

Create a game which people will pay when they want to play. An online PlayStation will work magic for you. You can even create a game where people buy players, develop them and sell them at a higher price. Those playing the game should pay each time they want to play.

Start a web hosting company

You can also start your own web hosting company where you host other bloggers and big corporations. It’s not a must to obtain a licence.What you need is a hosting environment where you can create cPanel account for each of your clients.A2 Hosting provides the best and most economical Reseller plans for individuals wanting to host others. To get into A2 Hosting,click on this link

If you are a web developer, Reseller Hosting is the best type of hosting to purchase and start hosting your clients. Once you have developed the websites, ask them if they are interested to be hosted by you, of course many of them will accept your services, that’s if you had done a good job before.

  • Participate in online surveys

There are a couple of online survey companies which pay participants once they complete answering questions. Anyone can participate in the surveys. Some of the leading online survey companies are;

  1. Mobrog
  2. Triaba
  3. iPoll
  4. Palm Research
  5. OnePoll
  6. Swagbucks

Online survey companies pay for the questions successfully answered—the more questions you answer, the more money you earn and the more points you get. Nearly all companies pay through PayPal and mobile money transfers.

  • Review music online

You can begin a website where you review music and get paid by musicians. In addition, create content by ranking latest music and allowing people to vote for them. You will earn from musicians who want their music to appear on your website and also by reviewing or marketing their music

  • Start an online marketing company

Companies may want to advertise their products online but they aren’t sure on which steps to follow. Since you own a marketing company, you are at the best position to know the best websites to advertise on and how to market the products on social media. Those companies will be submitting banners and sponsored posts which you will place on popular sites. The advertising companies will pay you consulting fee.

  • Sell Old CDs, Games and Movies

There are many old CVs, games and movies which you can sell without being sued for pirating. They can be sold on YouTube, social media or through a blog.

  • Rent your car, house or parking space

You may be out of town or home and you wish to make money by renting out your car, house or parking space. There may be some people who are in need of those items.

I know of a friend who always rents out his house whenever he travels out of the country. He is fond of visiting Africa and Asia every winter season. During those 3-5 months, he looks for someone to occupy his house, such person pays for occupying it.

  • Become a motivational speaker

There are people who have gone through a lot and are happy to tell their story through speaking publicly. Being a motivational speaker will open numerous opportunities for you. If you are a good story teller, create a YouTube channels and a Facebook page where you encourage others who are in challenging situations. Some of your followers will pay you for encouraging them. In YouTube, you’ll make money through AdSense.

  • Create a virtual rehab

Some people are addicted to drugs and would like to change their behavior. Even if they are not living in areas where there are rehabs, you can create a virtual rehab where you will train them on how to undergo gradual change. Those in the rehab will pay for the services.

  • Earn through Bitcoin

Bitcoin is also another source of money which you earn online. You are only required to buy the bitcoins online cheaply and sell when the price shoots up. About 10 years ago, Bitcoin were not existing but in the recent past, they have become a normal thing online.

  • Earn through Forex Trading

If you have a capital of $1,000 and above, join a popular forex trading company and start making money online.