How to make money online in Ghana 2022


There are over 21 ways of making money online in Ghana 2022.We will list them first and later discuss each of them in summary.

Earning money online from the comfort of your house is a good thing, it relieves you from the pressure of waking up at 4 to rush to the office. In Ghana, over 100,000 people are currently earning their livelihood through online jobs.

Here are ways to earn money online in Ghana 2022.

  1. Blogging
  2. YouTube
  3. E-commerce
  4. Affiliate Marketing
  5. Facebook Ads.
  6. Trading Forex
  7. Your Social Media Pages
  8. Review websites and apps
  9. CV and cover letter writing services
  10. Start a job board
  11. Participate in online paid surveys
  12. Sponsored articles
  13. Guest posting
  14. Buy and sell domains
  15. Develop and sell websites
  16. Offer web design services
  17. Become a social media influencer
  18. Sell used products online
  19. Sell photos and videos online
  20. Buy and sell cryptocurrency
  21. Offer football tips
  22. Data entry and academic writing jobs


Blogging is one of the best ways to make money online. You need a capital of less than $100 to get your blog done. As a blogger, you’ll be earning money through affiliate marketing, AdSense, sponsored content and direct banners. To register your new domain,click here to visit Bluehost

After registering your domain, get a hosting plan from the company and create a WordPress site. Bluehost will help you link your domain with WordPress through the cPanel.

After creating a blog apply to get approved by AdSense. You will start making money immediately.


YouTube is another great source of making money online. The good thing is that to have your own YouTube channel, you don’t need any money, you just sign up and start posting. But you will only earn when your channel gets over 1000 subscribers, is at least 12 months old and has accumulated over 4000 watch time hours. AdSense is the main source of income for YouTube content creators in Ghana.

Sell football tips

Create a blog that sells football tips. You will sell tips for $10 to $50 per month.Alternatively,place bets and win money daily.22Bet is one of the best sites to join with high odds and free bets. To register and get 100% welcome bonus,follow this link


Create an e-commerce site and sell electronics, shoes, smartphones, clothes and other products. You can host your site cheaply at Bluehost,click here to see prices

Earn through Facebook ads      

Create a Facebook group, post videos and sign up for ads. You will be earning monthly from the ads running on your page.

You can also become an influencer and get paid by individuals and companies by posting their content on your pages.


Search for genuine cryptocurrency sites online and join one. Then start buying and selling Bitcoins. Though the market is not predictable, if you learn how it works, you’ll make a lot of money.

Buy and sell domains

There are bloggers and companies who prefer to buy domains which are not new because they will rank better online. You can take advantage of this and buy domains in plenty then sell them later at a profit. If you want to buy .com domains, you’ll spend $11 only at Bluehost and sell the same for more than $1000 after one year.

In order to successfully sell the domains, make sure you have a website where you list them.

Apart from selling domains, you can also sell websites and blogs. This is business most bloggers are doing. They create blogs, post a couple of content and list them for sale. Other bloggers later buy the websites at unbelievable prices. One website can cost even $100,000.

Offer web design services

Thousands of companies and millions of Ghanaians own websites. More than 500 websites are created daily and the work goes to web designers. If you possess IT skills, dedicate your energy into helping others own websites. You will charge as high as $1000 to create one website.

Data entry and academic writing jobs

A number of graduates are doing academic writing jobs for stunts locally and abroad. Search for academic writing sites online and join some of them. You’ll get paid up to $20 per page.

In Ghana there are university and college students who don’t have time to analyze data, do proposals and projects. You can help do the jobs.

Affiliate marketing

One of the most exciting online income comes from affiliate marketing. There are a number of companies offering affiliate programs for bloggers and marketing. As a content creator, you should identify those in line with what you do. If your content is on gadgets, sign up to companies like Jumia.If you deal with web hosting and making money online, search for companies offering affiliate marketing opportunities in Ghana.

As much as you are looking for 8-5 full time job, please consider starting a side hustle online—it could turn out to be the main hustle. Blogging and running a YouTube channel are two good sources of income in Ghana.