How to Make Money Online in Kenya 2021


There are many ways in which you can make money online in 2021.Since majority of Kenyans are jobless, the only way to earn a living is to start business with zero capital—which is online business.

There are over 10,000 Kenyans who are actively earning a living through online ventures. I know of a number of bloggers and YouTubers who make over Ksh200,000 per month. The good thing is that most of them look so ordinary in real life but they are very rich.

Before I started online business, I never thought that I could make real money. There was one particular blog I used to visit everyday and wonder how they made money but came to learn later that their source of income is AdSense—that particular blog makes Ksh 400,000 to Ksh900,000 monthly.

If you want to make money online in Kenya in 2021, these are the major activities to do:

  • Become a blogger

One way of making money online is by becoming a blogger by owning your website. You need a capital of Ksh5,000 to Ksh20,000. First, register a domain name, buy hosting space and develop your own website. To register your domain name and buy hosting space, spend just Ksh1,900 at HostPinnacle,click here to visit HostPinnacle

Alternatively, you can host your site at Bluehost.This is the best webhosting company for small, medium and viral websites around the world.You will spend just Ksh 4,000 every year to host a website at Bluehost.Follow this link to create a new account

Once you have your own blog,sign up for AdSense and start making money online.You can also register with MGID which is the best AdSense alternative,follow this link to register

A blogger can earn as high as Ksh1 million per month.

  • Earn from YouTube

YouTube is another monetization platform in Kenya.The best thing is that joining is free but the only challenge is to get subscribers.YouTube requires that you create high quality and unique videos in order to start earning decent income.On average,Kenyan YouTubers make Ksh 100 per 1000 views.If you get 1 million views per month,you’ll make more than Ksh 100,000.

Before you start monetizing, you should ensure that your channel has atleast 1,000 subscribers,4000 hours of watch time and more than 12 months old. Once you meet those conditions, apply to monetize from AdSense.

  • Bet of football matches and jackpots

You can also make money by betting on football matches and jackpots. If you are lucky, you can earn more than Ksh100 million from Sportpesa or Betika.

One site you should join is 22Bet because it gives 100% welcome bonus to each new member, click here to register and get the bonus

If you understand the dynamics of football, making money through gambling can be a guarantee. However, you can register with a reliable predictions site and get 100% accurate tips. If you need sure tips, pay Ksh1,000 to the MPESA till number 705909 and receive the tips daily via SMS for one month.

  • Start selling products on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp

Facebook is so far the best place to sell products online. Since most people fear to travel to Nairobi to buy goods, you can do the work for them and deliver in time for a commission. Create a page where people will make orders, you go to specific shops, buy and send to the customers. Alternatively, buy products from popular places like Eastleigh and display them on your social media pages.

There are several products you can sell on social media especially if you have a huge following.

  • Start an e-commerce website

There are a number of e-commerce websites which sell products to their audience, Jumia is one of them. This area is not crowded, there are plenty of opportunities. To create an e-commerce site will cost less than Ksh50,000.Hosting can be done at Bluehost,click here to learn more

Customers will make orders on your website, you then deliver and get paid.

If you want to get trusted in this business, you must deliver what is ordered and in time.

  • Become an affiliate marketer

There are plenty of affiliate marketing companies to join in Kenya,one of them is Jumia.You can also register with 22Bet,click here to register

Affiliate marketing programs pay commissions to their marketers.22Bet, for instance, pays between 25% and 45% of the total sales made.

Affiliate marketing is what I have been doing since 2013.Currently, I make up to Ksh800,000 per month from these programs.

To become successful in affiliate marketing, you should own a blog and popular social media pages.

  • Earn from online Taxis like Uber

Nowadays there are many online taxis which pay their drivers handsomely. What you need is a car and an App from your preferred Taxi company—you don’t have to market your business. You will be earning at least Ksh30,000 every month from the business.

  • Participate in online Surveys

There are a number of companies which pay members who participate in online surveys. What you need is to register with some of them such that when tasks arise, you will be informed and upon completion, you’ll get paid through MPESA.

To get started, search for paid online surveys in Kenya and register. You will be surprised when they start paying you by completing tasks.

  • Become Social Media influencer

There are a number of social media influencers who are earning a lot of money. People like Njugus earn up to Ksh1 million per month by advertising various products on their pages.Jaymo Ule Musee and Eric Omondi are some of the influencers earning big money online.

You don’t need any special skills for you to become an influencer. Look for something you are passionate about and start developing content around it.The more followers you garner, the higher your chances of getting advertisements from corporates.

  • Sell betting tips

There are many Kenyans who are selling betting tips online. Create a blog where you post free tips such that when your blog becomes popular, the audience will start paying for premium tips. Things like analyzing Sportpesa and Betika jackpots will generate a lot of money for you.

  • Sell your skills online

You can sell courses, skills like recipe or products like cakes online. There are also several Kenyans who provide counselling, medical and legal advise online. DJs also entertain their audience and get paid.

  • Start online dating website

You can also start an online dating site where people register with a small fee to get partners. If you can prove that your members are legit, you’ll make a lot of cash. Assuming that each individual pays Ksh1000 pear year and you have 10,000 members, you’ll earn Ksh10 million every year.

  • Advertise jobs, cars, real estate products online.

Create a website where people can advertise jobs, cars, hotels, real estate products and many other products online. Cheki, BrighterMonday and Buyrent Kenya are some of the successful online websites in Kenya. Any person advertising on your website will pay a fee. Websites like BrighterMonday charge Ksh3,000 per job vacancy.

  • Start an online church

Online church will also help you make money online. Your followers will listen and watch your sermons online and will pay you if impressed. Most of them will pay through MPESA.

  • Start a Web Design company

Over 1,000 websites are created in Kenya every month. If you have skills in web design, this is something you can do and start making money online.

You will charge Ksh 5,000 to Ksh50,000 to design a single website

  • Start a web hosting company

Many people think that they must obtain a license when they want to start a web hosting company, which is not the case.The best thing to do is to buy enough hosting space from foreign companies like Bluehost,then create space form each of your clients. You will spend just Ksh30,000 to buy hosting space.

If you charge each client Ksh2,000 per year and you get 1,000 clients, you’ll make Ksh2,000,000 every year.To buy space from Bluehost,follow this link

  • Sell photos online

There are a number of companies which buy photos online. Move around and take photos in major buildings, streets, game parks, towns etc and sell the same online. You’ll find someone in USA wanting to buy a certain photo so that he can use it to create a story. Some photos can be sold for even Ksh10,000.

  • Do guest posting

Some blogs will allow you to submit guest posts and they pay you. Start by writing and submitting for free. When they see that your work is good, they’ll start paying you.

  • Academic writing

Academic writing is feeding over 100,000 families in Kenya. Some students in Europe and USA don’t have time to write proposals and academic project, they contract online companies to do for them. Most of the work find its way into Kenya. If you get a good academic writing company in Kenya, you’ll earn up to Ksh600,000 per month.

  • Data Entry and analysis

If you’re a statistician, start your own company where you do data entry and analysis for your clients. University students are many who need your services. You can charge up to Ksh150,000 from a single client.