How to Make Money Online in Kenya as a Form Four Leaver


You can make millions of money online in Kenya every month even if you are a form four leaver. As long as you have free time, look for something to do online as a side hustle while you wait to enroll for college/university education.

I know a number of form four leavers earning upwards of Ksh100,000 per month by selling products online. Some of them didn’t even bother to proceed to college because what they are earning online is more than salaries earned by graduates.

For those who have a smartphone or laptop, here are the things to do online to generate money:

  • Bet on football matches

There are several betting sites which you can use to bet and earn money online, one of them is 22Bet.The good thing about this company is that it offers up to Ksh15,000 welcome bonus. To register and start betting,click on this link

Once you are a member, go ahead and place your bets. At first you can make losses but over time, you’ll start making profits since you have gained experience of analyzing matches.

We offer predictions for Sportpesa and Betika jackpots. We also send 100% sure daily multibets to all our subscribers. To register for our tips, pay Ksh 1,450 per month or Ksh720 for two weeks as indicated below:

  • Go to MPESA
  • Select Lipa Na MPESA
  • Select Buy Goods and Services
  • Enter MPESA till number (705909)
  • Enter amount (Ksh1,450, Ksh720)
  • Enter MPESA pin and send

The tips will be sent to you via SMS.

  • Run a YouTube Channel

Thousands of Kenyans are making huge income from YouTube, a platform owned by Google. Creating your own YouTube channel is free and once you have one, you’ll upload videos and start earning money.

If you get more than 100,000 subscribers, you’ll make more than Ksh 100,000 per month.

You don’t need any special skills to run a YouTube channel.

  • Become a blogger

Blogging is another genuine source of making money online in Kenya. About 5 years back, few people understood what blogging was all about but over time, even the government has come to appreciate the hustle. All you need is a website and ways of earning money.

To get a domain name and web hosting services, visit Bluehost—they will cost less than Ksh10,000 per year. To visit the company’s website,follow this link

As a blogger, it will take you up to 2 years to start making meaningful income. But once you start getting meaningful traffic, at least 500,000 per month, you’ll make more than Ksh70,000 monthly.

  • Sell products on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Instagram

Use social media to sell products like clothes, shoes, smartphones and electronic products to your audience. But you need pages and accounts with huge following to make meaningful sales.

Start by creating a Facebook page, grow it by posting eye catching content. Later when the page grows, start selling your products.

  • Do affiliate marketing

There are companies which allow individuals to make money by promoting their products online. Affiliate marketing offers commissions for every sale you make. One of those companies to join is Jumia.The online shop pays up to 10% of the total sale price of a product. Another company is 22Bet.To register for 22Bet,follow this link

I am one of those doing affiliate marketing and I can assure you it’s an excellent hustle. You can be guaranteed over Ksh500,000 per month forever.

  • Entertain your fans on Facebook via Facebook Live

Nowadays there are people who entertain their audience online and solicit for money. They pick a topic and engage their fans as they frequently beg for support through MPESA.There is a popular personality who make even Ksh50,000 per day by just entertaining her audience.

You can also offer online entertainment services like playing songs on social media and asking your audience to support you.

  • Become an influencer

Influencers are very important when it comes to online marketing. They ensure that products of various companies are visible online. To become one, you have to own popular Facebook pages with high engagement.

When your pages are popular, you’ll get companies to advertise through them. You can charge as high as Ksh1 million per month from one client.