How to Make Money Online in Nigeria 2021


There are many ways in which you can make money online in Nigeria especially in the year 2021.If you are jobless, educated and willing to commit yourself to online jobs, we have a list of activities to do that can generate millions of Naira every month.

  • Become a blogger

Blogging is one sure way of guaranteeing one passive income. One of the greatest challenges is to get traffic but once your blog becomes popular, you’ll earn a lot of money.As a blogger, you need a website and a source of generating income.To buy domain name and hosting space,you can get them from Bluehost cheaply,click here to visit Bluehost website

You also need a WordPress theme, which you can acquire from ThemeForest,click here to check a list of themes at ThemeForest

Majority of Nigerian bloggers earn money through AdSense. This is a platform owned by Google.If you already own a website, please register with AdSense and start making money.

Bloggers also earn from affiliate marketing. One of the leading affiliate marketing companies is 22Bet.One can make more than N3 million per month from 22Bet.To register for 22Bet in Nigeria,follow this link

Thousands of Nigerian bloggers are also monetizing with MGID.If AdSense fails to approve your blog, then register with MGID,follow this link to sign up

Bloggers like Linda Ikeji earn over N50 million per month. You can also earn the same if you put more efforts and post stories that resonate well with readers.

  • Bet on football matches

More than 30 million Nigerians bet on football matches. This is something that does not require huge capital to start. If you have N100,you can start betting on your favorite teams and make money online. There are three betting companies to join in Nigeria and earn a lot of money from them, here is the list:

22Bet(100% welcome bonus),click on this link to sign up

Betwinner(100% welcome bonus),click on this link to sign up

1XBET(100% welcome bonus),click on this link to sign up

Bet on multibets in order to win reasonable money on regular basis.

  • Become a YouTuber

The good thing about YouTube is that it doesn’t charge any fees for anyone who is joining the platform. YouTube is an excellent platform for talented Video producers and comedians. It’s also ideal for those who want to pass knowledge in form of videos. Anyone can join anytime and start earning if their videos are entertaining and useful. For you to start making money from your Videos, the channel must be over 12 months old with at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time. For every 1,000 views your videos get, you’ll earn at least $1.5.

  • Sell football betting tips

There are a couple of betting predictions sites that sell tips and the owners are rich. What you need is a platform to display your tips and previous winnings, those convinced will pay for premium predictions. I suggest that you create blog where to post free tips—you will spend less than N30,000 to come up with a blog. The best web hosting company for your blog is Bluehost.To learn more about Bluehost,click here to visit their website

If your tips are very accurate, you’ll get clients from several countries, including UK.But you should ensure that the tips are accurate in order to maintain relevancy.

  • Become an affiliate marketer

You can also specialize in affiliate marketing by promoting other companies’ products for commissions. Jumia,22Bet,1XBET, Betway, Bet9ja and Betwinner are some of the companies to promote in Nigeria.

Affiliate marketing is better than AdSense because it assures you of recurring income even when your blog does not receive enough traffic.

I know of several affiliate marketers who earn more than N10 million per month but their blogs are not among top 100 blogs in Nigeria.

  • Participate in online surveys

There are a couple of companies in Nigeria which pay members when they successfully complete surveys. It’s quite strange that most Nigerians don’t know about paid surveys. If this is your first time to hear about paid online surveys, please search for companies offering this service and register immediately. The more surveys you participate in the more money you make.

  • Become a Web Designer

If you possess IT and Web design skills, start your own company where you develop Apps and websites for your clients. In Nigeria, over 2,000 websites are created on daily basis, meaning that those companies with good reputation can make more than N500,000 daily from Web design services.

You will charge each client at least $100 per website you design. If you design 10 websites per day, you’ll make more than $1000.

  • Provide web hosting services

Web hosting services can also help you make money online. Your target should be WordPress Hosting Services. There are numerous web hosting companies in Nigeria but none is dedicated to providing Managed WordPress Hosting services.

You don’t have to start your company from scratch, simply buy hosting from Bluehost—Dedicated Server is the most appropriate—then distribute amongst your clients. To learn more about Dedicated Server plans and prices,follow this link

  • Provide professional services online

There are millions of Nigerians who provide professional services online, like Doctors, Nurses, Lawyers, Teachers, Chef etc. What you need is a platform like YouTube or Facebook where you showcase your skills and let people buy premium services.

But the only way you’ll get people to buy your services is to convince them first that you are the best, otherwise, you’ll find yourself desperate and out of the market.

  • Develop websites and sell to bloggers

If you are a blogger, start developing websites and sell them to other bloggers. There are many bloggers who would not want to start blogs from zero, they want blogs which already receive traffic. This is big business in the western world where bloggers sell website for millions of dollars.

  • Become social media influencer

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are three social media platforms which you’ll use to advertise other companies’ products.

To be an influencer, you only need pages for the three media platforms, grow them until you get noticed by brands in Nigeria. The best number of followers per platform is 1 million. With this number, you will earn upwards of N100,000 per post.

  • E-commerce business

Start an e-commerce shop where you market products from other merchants or your own products. Nowadays most people prefer buying products online as opposed to supermarkets and malls. If you make your online shop as unique as possible, you will make a lot of money.

  • Sell products on Facebook

Thousands of Nigerians have found Facebook as one of the best platforms to sell items like Duvet, bedsheets, women clothes and shoes. As an aggressive citizen, create a Facebook page and use it to market your products.

  • Data Analysis/Academic writing

Most students in Nigerian universities don’t have enough time to analyze data or write proposals and projects, they pay people to do the job. If you are a graduate, this is something you can do as a side or main hustle.