How to make money online in Nigeria 2022


There are over 30 ways Nigerians make money online. This year, 2022, you can easily become a millionaire by creating useful content online and in the process earn money.

You no longer need to queue on long parades and beg for jobs in Nigeria. With a higher population and low investments. It is more than hard to acquire permanent paying jobs must. What if you can employ yourself to make money off your own without having to go through all the long day walk and struggle?. What if you can make money sitting behind your phone, laptop or iPod right here in your village with only an internet connection. It is just a genesis of the next generation and economic development in Nigerian and the world in general.

Certificates or levels of study do not matter here. All that matters is being smart and creative showcase that talent and earning real legit income with less or even no capital. All you need is just a specific account of your own choice to start a progressive business that will not only generate your income but create an aspiring future for all in Nigeria.

Come out-take your laptop or phone, and change your lives today. Say no to unemployment and do what you love to make your own money. You can get up to 1000 dollars just behind your creativity with a simple click. So be up, motivate yourself, have self-confidence,



Blogging is one of the best way to make money online in Nigeria.You only need a blog,ways of making money and good internet, then post regularly.To create a blog,you need a capital of $50.One of the best web hosting companies to use when creating a blog is Bluehost.The company offers free domain names and cheap hosting services. If you wish to get a free domain,click here to visit Bluehost website

The basic way of making money through your blog is through AdSense,but incase AdSense rejects your application, you can apply to monetize with MGID,click here to join MGID for free

Bet on football matches

More than 20 million Nigerians bet on football matches and win huge amount of money. I personally know a guy who had bought a fleet of cars from the money he gets from betting. One of the best betting site to get good odds is 1XBET.The site also gives free bonuses of up to 2005.To register and get free bets,click on this link and visit 1XBET site

Another good site is 22Bet which equally provides high odds and 200% welcome bonus. To register for 22Bet,click on this link

Online survey

It’s a means of data collection by different organizations, .either demographic, cultural, or political. It implies that any idea is accepted. There has to be a commission or agreed payment as long as you participate.

Online DJ

It’s a world full of entertainment addiction. Currently, most people prefer to sit in houses and watch from their phones and listen to music rather than clubs and discos. But why can’t you create your club of disco online and let people subscribe for a fee or through zoom and issue joining IDS at a cost? It’s the easiest way of making money with just influential and good music play.

Become a YouTuber

A number of Nigerians are earning decent income from YouTube. Here you create your own channel, post videos and earn through AdSense. In order to start making money from YouTube, your channel must be at least 12 months old with 1,000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours. In Nigeria, each 1,000 views your channel gets generates at least $0.8.

Affiliate marketing

Create a niche site, identify good affiliate marketing programs and start making money. Affiliate programs pay in commissions depending on the number of sales you make. Some of the best niches include: web hosting,SEO ,online shopping websites like Jumia and betting.


Nowadays there are over 10,000 Nigerians who are making a kill from Cryptocurrency. This is one area which is churning out millionaires like nobody’s business. The only challenge with this business is that it require huge capital for one to start making serious money.

Forex Trading

If you are good in mathematics and speculation, set aside $1000 and start trading in Forex. This small money can generate handsome amounts for you.

Create a Job Board

Another good online opportunity is to create a job board for linking employers with employees. You will also do CV and Cover letter writing tasks and get paid.

App creation

With the recent business migration to android devices, almost everything is ordered and purchased through mobile phones. But this is not and can’t be possible without creating applications for these small businesses. With good skills in android programming, you do not just have a short-term business idea but a lifetime investment as every business in Nigeria prefers nothing other than a good application to promote their business, whichever the cost. A good example of this is UBER and other more fast-food restaurants.

Software testing

It’s the ability to identify loopholes in other people’s software. You can start your own software testing company with good hacking skills that do not need to be public or physical but online, where Nigerians worldwide can access it. With websites and software being made every day and security issues being a huge internet problem, there is a high chance of a greater market it less competition, and with good skills, your future is brighter

Adventurous agent

How do you imagine getting paid while enjoying yourself? Can it be possible and legit? It’s simple, with creativity, you can earn more than you can ever imagine. It’s one of the easiest means of earning as it entails self-enjoyment and increases self-knowledge. Studies have shown that the majority of the population in Nigeria never get a chance to visit historical sites or adventurous sites. How about you bring it right to them? Show them the creative and amazing pictures from all cultures of Nigeria and earn drammastically.No capital is needed to open an account, just copyright and permission to download your picture at a cost. Build Nigeria as you do what you love doing.

Selling movie script

With Nollywood being among the leading music industry globally, you don’t need to be an actor to secure employment with online script writing. You require your creativity and good content creation. Most movie brands are all looking for the world to give them ideas and scripts to make their dreams happen. With a good online account and creativity, you might be the backbone of many Nollywood actors, and maybe Hollywood .wake up, gather your ideas together and shine for the world and say no to unemployment.

Online motivator

There is no more room for moving from market to market or school to motivate students or people. You can do it right behind your laptop or computer in Nigeria with good motivational skills and influence. You can touch that soul through the internet. You need to create a good message and target your audience with great efforts and motives. Use the example of TD Jake and Joel Osteen in America .it will not only earn you income but change life with a great and positive impact on society.

Sell second-hand items

Look around your house, your closet, and your kitchen. How many clothes don’t you wear? Tools you don’t use? And furniture you don’t need? How do you think of the thought of disposing of them as you earn money? Well, you can create a second-hand sales account and resale them at a good cost. It will not only give you a space but give you an income n return. It won’t take long for you to gain customers who like your product. As the account grow3s, the more you will get both buyers and sales who would want to use your channel at a good discount right from your comfort zone.

Sell school notes

It may look laziness, but trust me, no one likes writing school notes in class. What if they want it written for them just to read? You can write easy-to-readable and interpreted notes with good writing and summarization skills. Whichever site you will use, either way, you will get more site visitation and download from all over the country. Take an instance of a person looking to study online. this person will need reading material, and your site or account is the only option this person has to get the notes

Become Instagram influencer

A good influencer is a person who knows how to communicate with people, bring them closer and attract their attention and be able to interact with them on common ground. We don’t need capital to be an influencer. Just your electronic device and internet are all you need. With great pictures and comments on Instagram, you can attract more multitude, creating a platform for you to earn advertisement from big companies at a good price. It starts today. Post those pictures of what you love and earn incredibly today.

Sell grammar logins

Now, this is the simplest form of making money in Nigeria. How frequently does one need to write a letter or an article and request grammar editing? It’s rare, and most people do not prefer opening a grammar account to use once, but what if it be there for rental? Charging at a lower amount of fee for one-time use for interested people. It will earn you more money than you can ever use to purchase the account. Open a grammar account today and get paid for rentals of the account with no cost, just income.

Tell online short stories

Our parents are no longer at home for our kids. Have you ever been in their shoes and tried to imagine who tells them bad stories like our grandparents did in the villages of Abuja? Online short storytelling is not just a way of making money but maintaining our culture in Nigeria. Imagine how many parents will subscribe and pay for your account for the sake of their kids, with only a computer and good cultural tales. You can change your life and the life of many in Nigeria.

Online courses

Learning online has been one of the leading trends in the country of Nigeria. With this introduction, people can pay fees and subscribe to this course for their educational advancement. These are Cisco and networking courses, which are already doing well in Nigeria and worldwide. Open an academy today and start a life investment.

Online auction

With auctioning, you don’t need capital, just an account to advertise an auctioning product and get a good discount when you identify a potential buyer. It’s all about working with other people’s money to create your income through the internet.

Academic writing

 It’s not a new idea as people earn a lot of money worldwide through articles and academic writing. They were mostly done by doing assignments and writing essays for people abroad and inside the country. With this person or client having a limited time to do all their assignments, one needs a personal assistant who will be you behind your computer and internet. Good grammar and creativity are all essential skills for this writing. Opening an account might not be mandatory since an account can hire a writer.

Become online coach

People do physical exercises every daily for their fitness. But who wants to drive a long way to see a gymnastics for fitness. You can create your couching just at the door of your clients. By sending clips and video tutorials while stretching and running, you are lucky to earn more than a lot, as every person in Abuja has to do exercises one way or the other. Online coaching ensures they are well served as an online coach, put your skills at work and make an income through the internet.

Content creation

A Facebook account or tweeter only requires a few clicks to open an account and start posting your creativity. This content can be either written, sung or video clips. With many followers and subscribers, a very high price and advertisement income are expected at a high competitive level. Showcase your creativity today and earn a remarkable income. It doesn’t need manual work to know what people like and what attracts their attention most.

Graphic design

You can create your graphic design account or page .there has to be one or two companies I need a logo or photos for their image. This photo must be unique and creative, which can only be made possible through graphical design. Whichever application you use with such an account, you can be more competent and earn more business through creativity and uniqueness. Open a graphical account today with good design skills and earn online every day.

Online business consultant

Most of the businesses are failing in Nigeria. You are right there with all the answers that can help as a business consultant. What are you doing with your skills? With the internet, you don’t need to knock on their door. Just let them come to you. Create a platform they can run to for their business rejuvenation .make money as you build your countries economic standards. It can be done through teleconferencing or zoom meetings. All that is needed is opening a channel and ensuring self-marketing of high standards. Build yourself and build Nigeria today through working and earning online.