How to Make Money Online in Tanzania


There are many ways of making money online in Tanzania. If you want to succeed, go online and start making money. The problem is that most Tanzanians don’t know how to start any kind of online business, today we will explain every bit of step to follow so as to make it easier for you to start earning.

  • Earn through blogging

Websites like Jamiiforums earn more than Tsh 100 million every month from AdSense and direct advertising. Blogging in Tanzania is lucrative and if you come up with a blog that writes in Kiswahili, you’ll easily become a millionaire.

To become a blogger, you need a domain name, a website and how to make money. To register a website and buy a domain name,click on this link

After creating a website, you need to find ways of making money. I will advise you to subscribe to AdSense because it’s the best way Tanzanians make money online. But before you make your application, observe the following:

—Make sure that your website is at least 3 weeks old

—All your posts should have more than 500 words each

—-You should purchase a high level domain name ,probably from Bluehost,click here to purchase one

—Your website should not have adult or gambling content.

—You should use original images, not the copyrighted ones

Another way of making money is through MGID.Since most bloggers in Tanzania like entertainment stories, MGID will be the best for them.

Third, join which is also friendly to entertainment content.

  • Earn money from YouTube

The second most popular way of earning money in Tanzania is through YouTube. First, create a YouTube channel for free—it takes less than 2 minutes to create a channels, then apply for monetization. Most people earn money through AdSense, a platform owned by Google. Before you apply for AdSense, make sure that your YouTube channel is at least 12 months old, it has over 4,000 hours watch time and at least 1,000 subscribers.

Once you get approved, the money will start coming. Ensure that all the videos you upload on YouTube are not subjected to copyright issues—they must be created by you.

You can earn over Tsh 1 million every month when your subscribers clock 100,000.

  • Bet on football matches

Betting has become very popular in Tanzania and it’s one way most people use to make money online. Though gambling is tough, it’s profitable in most cases. All you need is to thoroughly analyze the games and bet without greedy. One site you will bet on and get weekly bonuses is 22Bet,click here to join 22Bet

You can earn more than Tsh 100,000 daily if you understand how to bet on football matches.

  • Sell betting tips

Selling betting tips should also be your first priority when you want to start making money online in Tanzania. You need a website and look for ways on how people will pay. To register a domain name and buy hosting space,click on this link

There are several templates online which you will use to advertise your betting tips, Themeforest offers nice Sports templates,click here to get one

Selling betting tips is one of the business you will do online and become rich quickly. If your tips are accurate, you’ll get customers even from Kenya, Uganda and European countries.

  • Start an e-commerce company

Jumia exited Tanzania in 2019 after finding it hard to penetrate the market. However, if someone starts an e-commerce company which understand Tanzanian taste, he will succeed. The major products you will sell include: clothes, electronics and smartphones. Make sure the products are sold cheaper than how local shops sell them.

  • Sell products on Facebook

Facebook is very popular in Tanzania and one should exploit it fully by making money through selling of products like clothes, shoes, smartphones and beddings. Come up with a Facebook group and popularize it to gain at least 20,000 followers. If your page manages over 100,000 followers, you’ll easily sell your products online.

  • Become a social media influencer

Social media influencers are those individuals who create popular social media accounts that can sway an opinion. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are three platforms where you can become a social media influencer. When your pages are popular, companies will come to advertise on your pages. You will even charge Tsh 5 million for marketing a single product.

  • Offer website hosting services

Over 200 websites are created in Tanzania on daily basis and they need someone to host them. If you come up with a company that offers hosting services, you’ll make a lot of money online. You don’t have to register the company in Tanzania, visit Bluehost and buy hosting space, then create several cPanels and sell them to Tanzanians. I will advise you to buy a Dedicated Server because it’s the one that can generate more money. To get hosting space at Bluehost,click on this link

Your company will host bloggers and company websites.

  • Offer Web Design services

If you possess skills in IT and web design, create a website that will advertise your service, create a Facebook page too. You will charge upwards of Tsh 150,000 to design one website. Some website, like e-commerce will cost more than Tsh 1 million to design.

  • Do academic writing jobs

Academic writing involves entering data, writing proposals and doing data analysis and project writing for university/college students. You can create a Facebook page to promote your services or a website to look more professional.

There are many university and college students who don’t know how to write proposals, these are the people you should target. Most of them don’t even know how to use Excel and Microsoft Word to enter and analyze data.

Do Online paid surveys

There are many companies in Tanzania that offer paid online surveys, those are the companies you should join and earn money online. Most of them pay to your mobile phone numbers once you complete the surveys.

Here are some of the best online survey companies in Tanzania:

  1. Palm Research
  2. GeoPoll
  3. MobiWokx
  4. FinScope
  5. Do CV and cover letter writing and also advertise jobs for companies

A number of graduates don’t know how to write CVs and cover letters, something very easy for someone who understands Microsoft Word. If you have such skills, create social media pages and a website where clients will get you. You will earn at Least Tsh 20,000 for each CV you write.

  • Get paid to advertise jobs for companies online

Create a website that advertises jobs for companies. At first you will advertise for free but after some time, start charging companies for every job you post on your website.

  • Do affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a good revenue generation activity, there are hundreds of affiliate marketing companies in Tanzania that you should join and start making money online. If you want to earn commissions by advertising companies’ products, join the available affiliate marketing companies.

  • Do professional work online

Professionals like psychologists, nurses, teachers, gym instructors, lawyers and chef can provide services online and get paid. Create a YouTube channel and social media pages where you showcase your skills.

  • Become an online DJ

Another thing you can do online and make money is by offering DJ services. Facebook is the best platform where you showcase your music mixing skills and earn from your fans. You will also be invited to events to entertain guests.

  • Buy and sell Bitcoin

If you have enough money in your bank account, spend in buying Bitcoin. After sometime, you’ll make a lot of money in profits.