How to Make Money Quickly Online and Become a Millionaire


You can become a millionaire quickly by making money online through mysterious ways. We will list some of the online businesses to do to become rich quickly even without working hard.

  • Blogging

Every year, more than 100 bloggers attain millionaire status. Blogging is a job that will make you a millionaire quickly. The hardest thing is to identify a profitable niche and how to make money from the blog. Within three years, you are a millionaire.

To start a blog, you require a capital of $20 to $500 .First, register a domain name and get hosting space from Bluehost,click on this link to visit Bluehost website

You will also need a Premium WordPress theme for your blog,click here to get one

Once your traffic goes past 1 million, you’ll start making decent money from your blog.

  • Selling betting tips

Bloggers who sell betting tips in Nigeria, India, Germany, Italy, Spain and UK are extremely rich. I know of one Nigerian blogger who make over $50,000 every month from selling betting tips.

The best way to sell betting tips is through a blog. In order to gain trust from people, you must provide free tips before you begin selling to your audience. To create a blog for betting tips, first register a domain name and hosting ,follow this link to register then buy betting tips template from Themeforest for as little as $10,click on this link to buy

Your website may struggle at first but after few months, you’ll start getting people to subscribe for your tips. Most gamblers prefer fixed matches.

Subscribers will pay through mobile money transfer, Western Union, Wire Transfer and PayPal. You will send the tips through email or WhatsApp.

  • Start a betting site

If your country allows gambling, then you should come up with a gambling website. Companies like Bet9ja and Bet365 started from zero, they are now making millions of dollars annually. A gambling company can make you a millionaire within a year especially in countries people are enthusiastic about football.

  • Sell gold online

If you find a way of getting gold from countries like Congo, you’ll become an overnight millionaire. You can buy gold for $10,000 and sell it for $100,000 within a day.

The best way to get gold from Congo is by befriending those opposed to the government, they control areas where gold is mined.

  • Bet on football jackpots and lotteries

There are lotteries that go for up to $5 billion, these are things you should try, they might make you a millionaire one day. A number of gambling sites provides millions of money in jackpots, don’t ignore them too. The risk of losing is high but when you win, you become a millionaire instantly.

  • Create online games

There is someone I know that started an online game that was focusing on children. At first the game didn’t attract much attention but after 1 year, it had over 10,000 downloads. Those who were downloading paid $50 per download—he became a millionaire.

  • Start a website that rewards readers

There is a time a website by the name public likes was famous, people were registering, participated in reading comments and post, they posted on the website and also invited others, in the process they earned money. The first group that joined earned good money but after the owner collected $100 million, he disappeared with the money.

Several other websites with similar strategy have emerged and gone, owners have earned several billions.

  • Buy and sell Bitcoins

If you’re a risk taker, join the world of Bitcoin and become a millionaire overnight. You will buy one Bitcoin for $6,000 and sell it for $10,000 after few weeks.

  • Give mobile loans

Create an App that offers mobile loans online. People nowadays want to apply for loans online and the easiest way is through mobile phones. If you come up with an App which offers such loans, you’ll be become a millionaire within a year.

  • Start a company like Paypal

PayPal was started like a joke, it’s an App which offers payment solutions. If you develop one within your country that will link mobile numbers and bank accounts, you’ll become rich. You’ll earn through transaction costs.

  • Open an online store

An online store may not readily make you a millionaire but after some years, you’ll indeed become one. Even Amazon waited for years because starting to generate billions of dollars in profits. If you do things right, nothing will stop you from becoming a millionaire.

To create an e-commerce website,click on this link

  • Start a recruiting agency for Africans looking for Jobs in Middle East

Millions of African are desperate to move to Middle East to secure employment, some of them lack people who can connect them to employers abroad. If you come up with a recruiting agency that cater for these people, you won’t die poor.

  • Create online Casino company

Come up with an online casino company which has cash prize of billions of dollars to attract players. The App should be in such a way that it’s practically impossible for anyone to win anything. After few years, you’ll become a millionaire—close the business and live a comfortable life afterwards.