How to make money through MPESA in Kenya 2022


There are numerous ways to make money through MPESA in Kenya. You can even make money as you sleep in your bedroom.MPESA being the main payment method in Kenya, you should utilize it well to start a venture that generates income for you.

Here is how to make money through MPESA in Kenya:

  • Sports betting

Betting is one of the main sources of income for many Kenyan youths. There are youths making up to Ksh 20,000 per day. One of the best betting sites in Kenya is 22Bet,it offers high odds and Ksh15,000 welcome bonus. To join 22Bet,click on this link and visit their website

  • Blogging

There are many ways bloggers make money through MPESA.For my case, I receive payment on PayPal and send to MPESA.I also get paid through sponsored posts. In Kenya, each sponsored post costs Ksh 2,000 to Ksh100,000 depending on the blog’s authority.

If you want to become a blogger in Kenya, you need less than Ksh 15,000 as capital. All that is required is a domain name, web hosting services and WordPress CMS.To register a new domain name,visit Bluehost through this link

  • Sell products on social media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok are some of the social media platforms to use when selling products online. Sell shoes, clothes, smartphones and laptops and get paid through MPESA.

Buy and sell Bitcoins

Trading in Bitcoins is another way of making money through MPESA.You’ll buy Bitcoins for Ksh100,000 through MPESA and within a month, sell the same for Ksh 500,000.You are paid through MPESA

  • Invest with Mshwari

Investing with Mshwari will provide opportunity to earn interest daily.Mshwari is a loan facility by Safaricom which offers Kenyans opportunity to earn money through MPESA.

  • Open an MPESA shop

MPESA shop with good population flow will generate handsome money for you.MPESA pays agents commissions. The more clients you get the more commission you earn.

  • Academic writing

Academic writing jobs pay through PayPal or MPESA.There are several local firms which pay through MPESA.There are also individuals you’ll work for and they pay through MPESA

  • Become an influencer

An influencer is someone marketing products for companies online then get paid through MPESA.But for one to become an influencer, they must own popular social media accounts, YouTube channel or blogs. Majority of companies in Kenya pay influencers through MPESA.

  • Invest in Unit Trusts

Insurance companies and stoke brokers offer Kenyans opportunities to invest in Unit Trusts in order to earn interest daily. The interest earned is obtained through MPESA or bank transfer. You can order the company to send the interest amount to your phone every month through MPESA.

  • Start online marketing site

Online marketing sites like Jumia will ensure that you get paid through MPESA.You can also start a marketing agency where you place banners for companies on your site and get paid when the products are purchased.

  • Affiliate marketing

I do affiliate marketing for several companies like 22Bet, Jumia and Betway and every month,I get paid through MPESA.You can also join these companies and start making money regularly through MPESA.

  • CV and Cover letter writing

Currently there are millions of Kenyans looking for employment. Majority of them believe that it’s because of their poorly written CV that they’re unable to secure employment. By offering CV and cover Letter writing services, you’ll be able to earn a living through MPESA because most of your clients will pay you through MPESA.

  • Start a profitable business

Identify a profitable business and launch it.Nearly all businesses in Kenya receive payment through MPESA.By creating a profitable business, you’ll be getting paid money through MPESA thus earning a living.

  • Offer web design services

One of the ways to make money online is by offering web design services. To design one website, you’ll charge Ksh10, 000 to Kah50, 000.This business is very profitable for IT experts because many of them earn over Ksh100, 000 monthly.