How to Make Money Through Your Mobile Phone


There are over 100 ways of making money through your mobile phone. Your mobile phone and internet can easily make you a millionaire if you learn how to effectively use it to generate revenue.

There was a time I was wondering, “how can I make money through my phone”, I got the answer immediately I committed myself to be a blogger. Nowadays, the ideas of making money through my mobile phone are at the finger tips.

Here are various ways of making money through your phone:

  • Become a YouTuber

Create a YouTube channel, post nice videos, get subscribers and start earning money from AdSense. It’s only the phone you need when creating and posting videos. When you link your YouTube channel with AdSense, the channel will generate passive income for you.

The most important thing is to create original, informative or entertaining videos.

For every 1,000 views your channel gets, AdSense will pay you at least $1.50

  • Become a Bloggers

A phone can help a blogger earn millions of dollars every year. A blog is required which you’ll have to post content on regular basis, internet is also required. When you own a phone, it can be used to create content, share content and provide a means of getting internet.

As a blogger, you’ll be earning through AdSense, MGID, Taboola, affiliate marketing, sponsored articles etc.

The capital required to start a blog is little, $20 to $200.Start by registering a domain name, then buy hosting space and create a website. To do all this, click on this link to visit Bluehost

  • Affiliate programs

A number of affiliate programs do not necessarily require one to own a blog, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages are enough to advertise the products. It’s only your phone that’s needed to market the products online. Amazon is one of the products you can market through your phone online.

Nearly all affiliate marketing programs pay per action and the payment terms entail commissions per sale. Owning a niche blog will be more advantageous for affiliate marketers, but it’s crucial to run social media pages.

  • Sell betting tips

Another good opportunity for you is to sell betting tips online. Create a blog for posting free tips, then have a section for premium tips. Subscribers will pay a certain fee to receive the tips—payment is through MPESA, Western Union or PayPal.

Facebook may not allow you to promote the betting business, you need a blog. Set aside at least $50 for creating a blog. If you want to register one today, click on this link.

You also need Premium WordPress themes for posting betting tips, they are available at Themeforest. To get one,click on this link

With 100,000 visitors per month, you’ll earn more than $5,000. What you need is to create confidence in such a way that subscribers are sure of reaping something once they join your platform.

  • Bet on football matches

You will use your phone to register for a reliable betting site, use the same phone to deposit money into the betting site. The same phone will be used to bet and to withdraw money.

If you manage to get a good source for the betting tips, you’ll earn profits every single day.

To start betting and get 100% welcome bonus,register with 22Bet,click on this link to register

Bet on games you are sure of in order to limit the chances of making losses.

  • Sell videos and Photos

Take videos and photos with your phone and sell them online. Sutterstock is one of the companies which buy photos online, they pay upwards of $10 per photo. There are also several blogs that purchase photos and videos from individuals. The main task here is to make yourself known online, which is achievable through social media.

With just a phone, you’ll find yourself making a living

  • Review hotels and restaurants through Live Videos

I have known some of my friends who review products on social media. They would visit a certain hotel, take a video and post it online. In the process other hotels will ask them to review and get paid.

You should create a YouTube channel and a page on Facebook where you post videos and photos taken by your phone. If your work is good, other companies will approach you to seek for the same services.

  • Invest in Unit Trusts

Unit Trusts include Money Market Fund, Bonds and Shares. If you invest in money Market Fund, the company that receives your money will invest it wisely and pay you decent interests at the end of the month. The interest is paid either through MPESA or to your bank account. The beauty of Money Market Fund is that no matter how much losses a company gets, the customer’s principal amount is not affected.

  • Become an Influencer on social media

Create social media pages, grow them by creating engaging content. Avoid adult, alcohol and gambling content to avoid being banned by the social media pages. After each of your pages become popular enough, you’ll start getting requests for adverts. Nearly all advertisers will pay you through mobile money transfer method.

You will earn a living with zero investment—only your phone, brain and content.

  • Become a Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant can moderate comments on social media, reply to emails, write CVs and offer consultancy services on areas they are specialized in.A phone will be used on performing most of the tasks.

  • Participate in Online Paid Surveys

Most of the available surveys pay participants through mobile money transfer method or PayPal. The good thing is that answering questions provided by the companies is through your phone. There is nowhere a laptop or computer is required when participating in online surveys.

The online survey companies pay participants after successfully completing answering of questions—the more questions you answer, the more money you earn.

  • Sell products on social media

If you have shoes, clothes, smartphones and electronics, sell them on social media and get paid through your phone. Your phone number will help you take pictures of the item, login to your social media accounts, post them and get paid when someone purchases an item.

  • Start an MPESA Shop

An MPESA shop will also be a good opportunity to make money through your phone. Look for a capital of Ksh 50,000 to Ksh200,000 and open an MPESA shop where you will earn commissions for every transaction.

For those in countries without MPESA, you can open mobile money transfer shops and earn commissions.

  • Start a shylock business

A shylock business entails giving out unsecured loans to friends, family members, workmates and people you believe they won’t default. Those taking the loan will be repay with interest.

Shylock business is a risk venture but well-paying if you offer loans to people you can trust.

  • Fundraise online

You can make money through your phone by fundraising online. Whenever an issue arises in your life, inform your followers. Some of them will contribute to help you. You can also start a charitable organization where you source funds through your phone.

  • Offer CV and Cover Letter writing services

Use your phone to create social media pages which you will advertise your business of writing cover letter and CVs.Your clients will be paying through MPESA, PayPal, Western Union or Wire Transfer. Your phone will help you to get clients and in the process earn money.

  • Forex Trading

Choose a reliable forex trading company, deposit money into your account and start trading in world currencies. Over time, you’ll get used to this activity and start earning profits. You can make over $100,000 per month for trading in forex.

  • Become a DJ on Social media

During lockdown, weekends and holidays, people are always online to get entertained. DJs are among the people making a kill by mixing favourite songs to their audience. Even if you aren’t a DJ, you can use your phone to entertain your fans by playing songs which you have already saved in your phone. Those who are impressed with your work will pay you in the process.

  • Sell old items online

Do you know you can make money through your phone by selling old items online? Well, the best idea is to contact all the celebrities, politicians, friends and workmates you know, tell them your intention of buying clothes, shoes and other stuff they don’t use. Advertise the same online and get clients through social media. Eventually, you’ll find yourself running a viral website like OLX.