How to Predict Lotto Winning numbers


How to Predict  Lotto Winning numbers

Everyone who Plays Lotto believes that one day they will win the jackpot by selecting the correct winning numbers, but as time goes by, while they play, they realize it isn’t easy to win.

As a new member of Lotto, you may be tempted to play in a hurry thinking that it’s easy to win, but when you gain experience, you realize that in-depth analysis is needed. From our own experience, we have determined that for you to make the right choice in regards to choosing the correct numbers, you have to do the following:

The first thing is to monitor weekly results; Note down results for three weeks, such that the numbers that appear there should not appear in your current predictions. Statistics show that the chances of a number that appeared in a previous draw appearing in the current draw are less than 10%-this is due to the fact that Lotto winning numbers are selected randomly.

Another trick, which I also use, is that I first separate odd and even umbers. After doing so, I pick three numbers from the odd section and three from the even section. It’s hard for the winning numbers to bear only odd numbers, or even numbers.

If you are a gambler, you should be consistent. At first you will lose but as you continue playing, you discover how to place your bets-you start by winning small amount until you eventually win millions of dollars. The keyword here is consistency…and also perseverance.

The last technique to use is to bet more than once.In the first bet, select any six numbers, even without knowing which exact numbers you have picked-these might be your lucky numbers. Then in the subsequent bets pick by leaving out the winning numbers in the last three draws. If you bet 5 times, chances are that you will predict four correct numbers in one of the five bets, and this will earn you some money.

I have been playing Lotto for a while, though I haven’t won the main jackpot, I always win small amount, which helps me recover the amount I use to bet for. I am always consistent, sometimes I predict 4 out of 6 numbers correct but in most cases my correct numbers are 3.I use the tricks stated above to predict the correct numbers.

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