How to Stop Making Losses from betting on football matches

How to Stop Making Losses from betting on football matches


Making losses from betting on football matches is normal and obvious for new and even established gamblers, but there are numerous things to do to reduce the net losses you make over time. Here we reveal several tips to employ when you want to enjoy the game at the same time earn money.

As a gambler, your intention is to continue playing for as long as you enjoy watching your favourite games. Your continued stay in the game is determined by the number of times you win over the frequency of losses-if your wins outweigh your losses, your lifespan in the betting sites will be long. As your betting tips site, we wish that you continue betting so as the appetite for football stays .Now, below is what to do to avoid losing hope in betting.

  1. Choose betting companies with regular promotions

If you find that the betting company you are engaged to does not appreciate players by offering regular promotions, dump it.We advise that you select a betting company that runs daily, weekly or monthly promotions where you could win money without necessarily placing a bet.I am conversant with 1XBET,I even bet in their platform on regular basis. This is one betting site that offers numerous promotions. One of the promotions I know and I like alot is one that allows you to get 200% bonus on your first deposit. The promotion is meant to encourage gamblers to join the platform. If you’re reading this and you are yet to join, sign up through this link and get the 200% bonus on your first bet.

1XBET also gives you Ksh10,000 if you’r e their new member. Once you join the company through this link, your account will be credited with Ksh10,000

We are also used to daily, weekly and a monthly promotion from Betway.This is a popular site, a company with money to give out to players as a sign of appreciation. One of my favourite promotions involve predicting the player to score in a game and winning Ksh50,000.I have won twice and I know how sweet this money is.You can join Betway here and participate in the promotion.

  1. Avoid multibets

A multibet is luring, it’s so enticing that the idea of choosing single bets over multibet bets won’t arise. But a multbet can really waste you. You know, the more games you add into a bet, the higher the chances of losing your cash.It’s hard to win a multibet especially when the combination has more than 3 games.

The reason people prefer multibet bets over single bets is because it promises better cash.But statistics show that only 10% of gamblers are able to make profit from multibet bets.

  1. Don’t bet in a hurry

We always advise gamblers to take their time before placing a bet. What you should consider is, the teams’ line up, the odds, previous matches statistics and time when you bet. Armed with wisdom, you will be able to avoid placing risky bets.

  1. Don’t be selfish

I am guilt here, but let me say this anyway. Before you place a bet, makes sure you don’t be blinded by the number of money you’ll get, focus on how to win that bet. Most of us get selfish that we give up on single bets to focus on multibet, ending up losing all our cash.

What I always do nowadays is to focus on teams with an odd below 1.2.I realized that it’s almost impossible to lose such a bet. Take for instance in a single weekend, I place 10 single bets for each team with an odd of at most 1.2.Each bet costs me Ksh300.I end up getting correct 9 bets out of 10.Each bet will give me a profit of Ksh 60.If I lose one bet of Ksh 300,I will end up making Ksh 300 as my profit. Assuming I repeat the same the following day until month end, I will be Ksh10,000 richer.

  1. Don’t spend a lot of money on a single bet

Sometimes you may get excited that your favourite team is playing against a small team and in your own imagination, you fix your mind that under the sun,no way your team would lose. You then place a bet with Ksh10, 000.What if your team loses?!!!

In business, the best way to remain afloat at least in the long run is to diversify your risks,the same case applies to betting. If you have set aside Ksh10,000 you want to bet with, make sure you don’t put all these money in a single bet, distribute it among several matches-this way you won’t go at a loss.

  1. Never buy betting tips

In betting,no one is sure of the winner…all of us are just doing guess work.At no time someone should tell you they have sure bets-don’t buy such nonsense. If possible, just visit betting sites for previous statistics and use your own judgment to make decisions.Buying tips adds you more burden.