How to Win Betika Jackpot 


There are many tricks to use when you want to win Betika jackpot of Ksh 100 million. Though every weekend more than 100,000 people play the jackpot, only a small percentage is able to win. Statistics show that the bonus is won by less than 3,000 people each week, a significant percentage get 12/17 correct games.

Since the Ksh100 million jackpot was unveiled in July 2019, none of the players has successfully predicted all the 17 games. It’s in October 2019 when one of the players garnered 16/17 correct predictions and went home with Ksh2 million in bonuses. This alone proves how difficult it is to win the jackpot.

Before you start betting for the jackpot, you should strategize on how to take a piece of Ksh100 million. Part of the strategies to employ are discussed below:

  1. Form discussion groups

Discussion groups are extremely important. Look for two to 5 like-minded people who also bet for the jackpot, form a group where you discuss every game in the jackpot. The smart thing about this is that one or a couple of you will contribute unique ideas that will boost your chances of winning.

What other bettors do is that they inform each other to come up with a couple of games they are sure they will win. The jackpot has a total of 17 games, assuming that each of you analyze and come up with 6 sure games and one game fails from each of the 6, it means the least you will get is 15/17 correct predictions.

  1. Use free tips provided online and compare with your result

There is a time we provided free tips here, most of them ignored, saying that those tips don’t help. On Sunday morning, it was confirmed that 14/17 games won. That Saturday those who got 14/17 took home Ksh 80,000 each.

Even if the tips we provide here for free aren’t up to the standard you believe is the best, they are of much help. Go through them and compare with your tips, at least you will pick something.

  1. Use previous statistics

Previous performance of teams will greatly help you. For instance, when Manchester City is playing at home, losing a game to any team is almost impossible. If this team is included in the jackpot, then that knowledge will be of much help.

You should also check whether the team is on top of the table or at the bottom. Usually, teams which are at the bottom of the table in any league are tough, they always force a draw. If you spot a team in the jackpot which is at the bottom of the table and is playing at home, there are over 70% chance that the end result will be a draw.

Another idea that will guide you is about winnings. If a team has been winning consistently and for the 3-6 previous meetings, a draw has not been witnessed, it means this time round there is a chance of ending in a draw.

  1. Subscribe for sure Betika jackpot tips

Venas News provides accurate Betika jackpot tips. We send 4 versions to each subscriber at a cost of Ksh1010 per month or Ksh 505 for two weeks. As much as many of our clients understand the art of analyzing football matches, they also believe in collective efforts. We ensure that among the four versions we send to them there is one or a couple which are closer to winning the jackpot or at least attracting a bonus. For an expert, the tips will provide a ground for spotless analysis.

When you mix your tips with ours, there is a competitive advantage you enjoy, hence enormous chances of winning.

To subscribe for the predictions, follow these steps;

  • Go to MPESA
  • Select Lipa Na MPESA
  • Select Buy Goods and Services
  • Enter MPESA till number (705909)
  • Enter amount (Ksh1010, Ksh505)
  • Enter MPESA pin and send

We send the tips via SMS a day before the jackpot starts or the material day. We aim for at least 15 correct predictions.

  • Use double chances

The good thing about Betika is that they have allowed the use of double chances, up to 7 double chances. When you aren’t sure of whether home or away team will win but you are sure the game won’t end in a draw, you can use double chance to make sure this option yields 100% accuracy.

Double chances are more expensive than single chance. If you have one double chance, it means you will spend 49 * 2 =98.If you have two double chances, it’s Ksh98 times 2 which comes to Ksh 196, the amount you will spend.

Double chances act as a cover when you know one of the two teams must win (or a draw is possible) but you don’t know which one.

  1. Bet more than once

The most popular technique gamblers employ is to bet more than once. Since it’s more expensive to have double chances, betting more than once is the right route. I you have Ksh 2000 you want to bet with, you can generate 4 versions and bet for each separately, hence spending Ksh196.Betting more than once

I usually bet for Betika grand jackpot and what I always do is that I generate 5 versions, each of the versions has 7 games I don’t touch, I only interchange games I am doubting. I have become a successful gambler because of this.

  1. Bet consistently

There is a reason why it’s called a jackpot and the money is a lot. All the games in the jackpot are tough, meaning that it’s almost impossible to play once and win immediately. In an y gambling game, you have to make several trials before you finally win, Betika is not exceptional. Don’t start playing with the aim of winning immediately, play consistently while knowing that losing has a bigger share than winning. Give yourself at least 2 years of losing.

If you play once or twice and stop, then it means you aren’t a gambler. You should play regularly, master the game and eventually find the winning formula.