Is It Bad for Women to Bet on football matches

Is It Bad for Women to Bet on football matches


One of my readers sent me this message: “I have been wanting to join 1XBET as a gambler but I fear I might loss my money. I have not been following football matches, so I know little about players and statistics of each team. I wish to know whether it’s bad for me to sign up as a gambler.


After I looked at the message, I actually told her I would reply through and article. Here is my answer.

I know three of my friends who didn’t have an idea about Arsenal, Chelsea and any notable team in the premier league. But they decided to start betting. They have been in the game for more than 2 years and have not resigned yet. What keeps them there is they keep on winning.

As a female gambler, the first thing you need to know is how to place a bet, where to place a bet and which teams to bet for. These things are self-explanatory since each betting company provides statistics on previous matches for every team. The statistics would help you make sound decisions when placing your bets.

The most important thing is to look at the statistics.Normally,if a team has won 5 consecutive matches, it’s likely to win again. In addition, a team playing at home is likely to win or draw.

What I usually tell my female readers, whenever you see a team has an odd less than 1.2,bet for that team, and if a team has an odd more than 15,don’t bet for it.

In betting, the most dangerous matches to bet for are those that bear the odds of 2, and 3…avoid them.

Also, I would like to caution you against buying betting tips. On this earth, nobody knows the outcome of tomorrow’s games, so it’s good to follow your conscious.

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