Kenya Website Experts Reviews


Is Kenya Website Experts a good company? Yes, reviews from clients reveal that it provides the best web hosting services in Kenya which is why hosts more than 10,000 clients. Some of the things we are going to look at include pricing, domain registration, domain renewal, contacts and general services—but you can visit their website and learn more,click here to visit their website

  • Domain registration

The cost of domain registration is Ksh 999 for and .com, these are the most popular domain extensions in Kenya. Below is the price of registration and renewal of other domain names:

TLDMin. YearsRegisterTransferRenew
.co.ke1KES 999.00FREE!KES 1,580.00
.ke1KES 2,999.00FREE!KES 3,999.00
.com1KES 999.00KES 999.00KES 999.00
.africa1KES 1,899.00KES 1,899.00KES 1,999.00
.net1KES 1,260.00KES 1,260.00KES 1,460.00
.org1KES 888.00KES 1,260.00KES 1,260.00
.or.ke1KES 999.00FREE!KES 1,580.00
.ac.ke1KES 999.00FREE!KES 1,580.00
.ne.ke1KES 999.00FREE!KES 1,580.00
.sc.ke1KES 999.00FREE!KES 1,580.00
.go.ke1KES 999.00FREE!KES 1,580.00
.mobi.ke1KES 999.00FREE!KES 1,580.00
.info.ke1KES 999.00FREE!KES 1,580.00
.me.ke1KES 999.00FREE!KES 1,580.00
.info1KES 1,260.00KES 1,260.00KES 1,580.00
.biz1KES 497.00KES 1,260.00KES 1,580.00
.me1KES 3,119.00KES 3,119.00KES 3,119.00

If you want to register or renew your domain,click here to visit Kenya Website Experts website

  • Kenya Website Experts Web hosting pricing

Kenya Website Experts provides several types of hosting, which include:

  1. Shared Hosting
  2. Business Web Hosting
  3. Windows Web Hosting
  4. Reseller Web Hosting
  5. VPS Web Hosting
  6. Dedicated Server Hosting

Shared Hosting is the best type of hosting for new and personal websites. Small company websites can be hosted here too because they don’t receive a lot of traffic.

Shared Hosting Pricing

  1. Starter—Ksh2,100 per year
  2. Standard—Ksh 7,100 per year
  3. Bronze—Ksh10,100 per year
  4. Gold—Ksh14,100 per year

Click here to select a plan

Business Web Hosting pricing

  1. Platinum—Ksh5,100 per year
  2. Professional—Ksh12,100 per year
  3. Premier—Ksh 20,100 per year
  4. Power—Ksh25,100 per year

Select plan here

Cloud Hosting Pricing

  1. Starter—Ksh27,100 per year
  2. Standard—Ksh35,100 per year
  3. Bronze—Ksh45,100 per year

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Windows Web Hosting Pricing

The prices of Windows web Hosting are similar to those of Shared Hosting, the range between Ksh2,100 and Ksh14,100 per year.

Reseller Hosting Pricing

  1. Starter—Ksh3,499 per month
  2. Standard—Ksh5,499 per month
  3. Bronze—Ksh9,999 per month

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Dedicated Server Hosting pricing

There are three main types of Dedicated Server Hosting, they include:

Linux Dedicated Servers

  1. Starter—Ksh15,000 per month
  2. Standard—Ksh22,000 per month
  3. Bronze—Ksh26,000 per month

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Windows Dedicated Servers

  1. Starter—Ksh19,000 per month
  2. Standard—Ksh21,000 per month
  3. Bronze—Ksh30,000 per month

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Dedicated Servers located in Kenya

Starter—Ksh40,000 monthly

Standard—Ksh60,000 monthly

Bronze—Ksh80,000 monthly

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For small and medium websites, select shared hosting. If you have a high traffic website, VPS and Dedicated Servers are the best.

Some of my websites are hosted by Kenya Website Experts and it has served me well, but their servers are ideal for websites getting less than 3 million monthly visitors.

  • SSL Certificates

The company also sells SSL certificates which secure your website from malware attacks. The pricing range between Ksh 1,999 and Ksh38,999 per year.

  1. Domain Validation SSL—Ksh1,999 per year
  2. Wilcard SSL Certificate—Ksh9,999 per year
  3. EV SSL Certificate—Ksh21,999 per year
  4. Company Validation SSL—Ksh8,999 per year
  5. EV Multi Domain SSL—Ksh38,999 per year
  6. UCC SSL Certificate—Ksh21,999 per year

Follow this link to get your SSL certificate

  • Email Account

There are people who need personalized email accounts with storage of high volumes of emails, Kenya Website Experts provides this service. Pricing for the emails depend on the storage space you wish to buy—the more emails you send, the higher the storage capacity needed.


Google G Suite

  1. Starter—Ksh7,500/email/year
  2. Business—Ksh19,000/email/year
  3. Enterprise—Ksh35,000/email/year

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Microsoft Office 365

  1. Business Essentials—Ksh15,000/email/year
  2. Business basic—Ksh22,000/email/year
  3. Business standard—Ksh33,000/email/year
  4. Kenya Website Experts contacts

International House, 4th Floor,

Mama Ngina St, Opp Hilton Hotel

[email protected]

P.O.Box 12198 – 00400

Nairobi, Kenya.

Safaricom: 0722 209 414

Airtel: 0733 367 596

Skype: kenyawebexperts

Kenya Website Experts Payment Method

Payment Methods Kenya

Before making payments, please make your order through our website and get an Invoice.
On your invoice page, you will get payment instructions and how much to pay.
Your account will then be registered automatically, account details and receipt will be sent to your email.
Domains and web hosting accounts are activated immediately, as the process is automated.

Lipa na Mpesa

Mpesa Paybill No. 695571

Our Mpesa mode of payment is as follows

On the M-PESA Menu Go to “Lipa na M-PESA”
Select Pay Bill
Enter Business No: 695571
Enter Account No: ” Your Invoice Number”
Enter the amount you wish to pay
Enter your M-PESA PIN.
Confirm that all details are correct and press OK
You will receive a confirmation SMS from M-PESA immediately.

Airtel Money
0733 675 223
0733 367 596


Account Name: Kenya Website Experts Ltd

Bank Deposit/ Funds Transfer

Account Name: Kenya Website Experts Ltd
Account Number: 01192846093300
Bank Name: Co-operative Bank of Kenya
Bank Code: 11000
Branch Name: Kimathi Street
Branch Code: 11045
Swift Code: KCOOKENA

Western Union

Send payment from Western union to Mpesa Number 0722 209 414
More information >> How to send Money fom Western union to Mpesa


[email protected]

Tanzania Customers

Vodacom Mpesa to Safaricom Mpesa

To send money, dial *150*00# to access your M-Pesa menu
Select option 1 SEND MONEY
Under “Send money to M-Pesa Kenya” you will see the exchange rate that will be applied
Enter your DESTINATION NUMBER (Safaricom number +254722209414 ) starting with +254
Enter your REASON
Enter your AMOUNT IN TSH
Enter your normal M-PESA PIN
You will then either Confirm or Cancel to finalize the transaction

Why you should host your website at Kenya Website Experts

  • Cheap

Kenya Website Experts is not an expensive hosting company especially for small and medium sites. The Ksh2,100 per year is enough to sustain traffic of up to 300,000 page views per month. Other hosting companies can charge up to Ksh5,000 per year.

  • Excellent customer services

The company’s customer services are excellent—they don’t sleep; their workers operate 24/7.There is a time I call them in the middle of the night and they have never failed to respond.

  • Value for money

The money you’ll pay them does not go to a waste, they provide high quality services. Issues of frequent downtime aren’t experienced at Kenya Website Experts.

  • They have all types of hosting

Some companies only provide shared hosting services and when a website goes viral, they start getting issues with hosting, but for Kenya Website Experts, all types of hosting are available. In case your website outgrows shared hosting, you can move it to VPS or Dedicated Server within the company, thus avoid interrupting readers.