Kwikbet Kenya Review: Registration, Paybill, How to Deposit Money, How to Withdraw Money, Jackpots, Bonuses, Customer Care Contacts


Kwikbet is a popular betting site in Kenya with thousands of clients.It offers daily and weekly jackpots,which is why it’s attracting customers in large numbers.There are important details you wish to know about the company before you become their client,like Paybill number,how to deposit money,customer care contacts,how to withdraw money, jackpots and bonuses. Below are details concerning Kwikbet betting site:



Anyone above 18years of age can play as many times as they desire but within the daily limits on bet values and payouts set aside in our Terms and Conditions


SMS “KWIKBET” to 29028. You will receive a confirmation message from 29028 confirming that you are now registered and ready to bet.

How to Deposit money into Kwikbet via MPESA:

Follow the instructions below
1. Go to M-PESA Menu on your mobile phone
2. Select Lipa na M-PESA
3. Select Pay Bill
4. Enter 290028 as the Business Number
5. Enter KWIKBET as Account Number but you can leave blank and proceed
6. Enter the amount to pay (NO COMMAS) e.g 200
7. Enter your M-PESA PIN and send
8. You will receive an SMS confirming the transaction
Account Credit/ Account top up: 

To top up your KWIKBET Account, go to the Mpesa Menu, Lipa na Mpesa, go to pay bill number enter business number 290028, account no. KWIKBET and enter the amount you wish to deposit. You can also deposit online at Once you’ve logged in, click on ‘Deposit’, enter amount and then click on ‘Top Up Now’.

Balance inquiry: 

To check your balance, SMS the word BALANCE to 29028. To check your bonus balance, SMS the word BONUS to 29028.

How to place a Bet: 

The minimum bet amount is Ksh 1 and the maximum limit is set in the terms and conditions.

There are three possible results in any football match:

1 – Home Team wins
X – Draw result
2 – Away Team wins

To bet on your team, SMS KWIKBET to 29028 and you will receive current football match fixtures and their ODDS. To receive more games simply SMS KWIKBET to 29028. The more you SMS the more games you receive.
You can also visit the KWIKBET website and identify the game you wish to bet on.

Types of bets:

Single Bet: 

Place bet in this format; GAMEID#PICK#AMOUNT
e.g. GAMEID 123 Arsenal vs Liverpool ODDS (1=2.54 X=3.47 2=3.10)
to bet on this match, SMS 123#1#200 to 29028

Multi Bet: 

Place bet in this format; GAMEID#PICK#GAMEID#PICK#AMOUNT
e.g. GAMEID 123 Arsenal vs Liverpool ODDS (1=2.54 X=3.47 2=3.10)
GAMEID 456 Manchester United vs Chelsea ODDS (1=2.87 X=4.13 2=3.90)
to bet on this match, SMS 123#1#456#X#200 to 29028

Double Chance (DC): 

Possible outcomes – 12, 1X, X2 Pick Format: DC12 DC1X DCX2
GAMEID 123 Arsenal vs Liverpool ODDS (1=2.54 X=3.47 2=3.10)

Single Bet  Place bet in this format: GAMEID#PICK#AMOUNT
E.g. 123#DC1X#200
GAMEID 123 Arsenal vs Liverpool ODDS (1=2.54 X=3.47 2=3.10)
GAMEID 456 Manchester United vs Chelsea ODDS (1=2.87 X=4.13 2=3.90)

Multi Bet  Place bet in this format: GAMEID#PICK#AMOUNT
E.g. 123#DC1X#456#DC12#200

Goal Goal (GG) Both teams score

No Goal (NG) No team scores: GAMEID 123 Arsenal vs Liverpool ODDS (1=2.54 X=3.47 2=3.10)

Single Bet – Place bet in this format: GAMEID#PICK#AMOUNT
E.g. 123#GG#200

GAMEID 123 Arsenal vs Liverpool ODDS (1=2.54 X=3.47 2=3.10)
GAMEID 456 Manchester United vs Chelsea ODDS (1=2.87 X=4.13 2=3.90)

Multi Bet – Place bet in this format: GAMEID#PICK#AMOUNT
E.g. 123#GG#456#NG#200

Over & Under 1.5/2.5/: Over 2.5 (ov25) over 2 goals scored
Under 2.5 (un25) under 2 goals scored
GAMEID 123 Arsenal vs Liverpool ODDS (1=2.54 X=3.47 2=3.10)

Single Bet – Place bet in this format: GAMEID#PICK#AMOUNT
E.g. 123#ov25#200 123#un25#200
GAMEID 123 Arsenal vs Liverpool ODDS (1=2.54 X=3.47 2=3.10)
GAMEID 456 Manchester United vs Chelsea ODDS (1=2.87 X=4.13 2=3.90)

Multi Bet – Place bet in this format: GAMEID#PICK#AMOUNT
E.g. 123#ov25#456#un25#200

GAMEID#HtFt(Halftime Pick Fulltime Pick)#AMOUNT
GAMEID 123 Arsenal vs Liverpool ODDS (1=2.54 X=3.47 2=3.10)


To bet via sms, sms “jp9” (for 9 games jackpot) or “jackpot13” (for 13 games jackpot) to 29028 to get games, and reply with your predictions
Example: sms jp9#11212X211 and send to 29028
Send all bets placed to 29028.

Winners’ Notification:

Winners will receive an SMS notification of their winnings and have it deposited in their KWIKBET account a few minutes after the game ends. The extra minutes allows us to validate the results and post them on our website


To withdraw, send W#AMOUNT to 29028. You can also withdraw on Once you are logged in, click on your profile, then withdrawals, enter amount and click on ‘withdraw’. Minimum withdrawal amount is Kshs. 20. Kindly note you are not able to withdraw your bonus.



Kwikbet will apply tax on stake as required by the governing laws in Kenya.

Any stake amount shall be subjected to a deduction on 7.5%

Example if you stake ksh.100 the net stake (stake after tax) is 93.02 where this is the total amount calculated by total odds selected.


Kwikbet will also apply taxes on winnings as required by the governing laws in Kenya. All winnings shall be subjected to deduction as per the Income Tax Act stating that withholding tax percentage to be deducted is 20%.

This will be deducted from the total payout (winnings-stake)


Therefore, if your stake is Ksh.100 and Total Odds is 5, your final payout is determined when all taxes are applied as follows:

Final Payout={((100×100/107.5)x5)-100}x0.8+100 = Ksh 392.08



Cash Out allows you to take an early payout on your bets before they are settled, meaning you are able to get money back before the event is over and your bet is ultimately resulted. You’ll either make a profit, or get a portion of your initial bet back, depending on how your selection is doing at the time of your taking up the Cash Out.

The amount you will be offered will reflect in your My Bets tab and will be based on the actual odds at the time you chose to look for a Cash Out offer. The amount on offer will never be more than the total potential win of the betslip.

Cash Out allows you to:

  • Pay out a portion of a bet before it is settled
  • Reduce your risk and collect some winnings if you’re concerned about the remaining time in an event, or your selections in your Multi Bet not going your way
  • Cancel your bet before kick-off and receive a portion of your bet back if you’ve changed your mind


Single Bets

You place a Single Bet of 10 on Team 1 to beat Team 2 at odds of 1.8 (where you stand to win 18):

  • Team 1 scores to lead 1:0 – this increases the chance of you winning your bet, so we may offer you a Cash Out of 14. You can either choose to take the 14 (your bet, plus a profit of 4) or wait until the end of the game and hope that Team 1 goes on to win and you win the full 18.
  • Team 2 scores first to go 0:1 up – your bet is less likely to win. We may offer you a Cash out offer of 6, meaning you can either accept the Cash Out offer and get 6 back, or stand the chance of losing your entire 10 if Team 2 go on to win the game.

Multi Bets

You place a Multi Bet of 5 games to the value of 10, with total odds of 3.5 (where you stand to win 35):

  • You win the first 3 games but are unsure of your selections in the remaining 2 – depending on the odds at the time, we may offer you a Cash Out offer of 22. Your options are to either cash out before the last 2 games start, having won an extra 12 off your initial bet, or hope the other 2 events win and claim the full 35.
  • You could also wait for the remaining games to begin and check to see if a Cash Out offer is available mid-game, depending on what is happening in the game.

You’ve had a change of heart

You place a bet of 10 on Team 1 to beat Team 2 at odds of 1.8 (where you stand to win 18):

  • If you decide it was not a good bet for some reason, you may be offered an early Cash Out before the game has begun. This offer will allow you at least to get something back on a bet you think might lose.

Please note: in all of these scenarios, once you choose to accept a Cash Out, your initial bet is considered settled and closed and will no longer appear in your Open Bets. At this point you won’t have the chance to win anything else off that bet.
KWIKBET does not guarantee to offer a Cash out offer at any time or on any game



·       The activities carried out herein are regulated by the Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB) and subject to the provisions of the Betting, Lotteries and Gaming Act (CAP 131 of the laws of Kenya).

·       Persons below 18 years are not eligible to participate in the Kwikbet Omoka Jackpot.

·       Kwikbet Omoka Jackpot Competition can be played by predicting the correct results of 9 matches, which are selected by Kwikbet every week.

·       To be eligible to play and win the jackpot, you must get registered and have at least KES 20.00 in your account. If you correctly predict all 9 match results, you will win the Super Omoka Jackpot Prize of 500,000!

·       Make your selections – On the Kwikbet Omoka Jackpot Competition entry page, make your predictions for each one of the listed matches (Home Win, Draw, Away Win). Stake amount of each combination is KES20.00. And you cannot make more than 1 prediction for one match.

·       Check and place bets – Make sure to check all of the selections before you click on “Place Bet” button. Once submitted, the bets cannot be cancelled, amended or refunded. You may place bets until first game kick-off time at Kenyan time. The countdown to the competition’s closure time is clearly shown on the competition entry page.

·       Check the results – after the final whistle of the last jackpot game, all the match results and prizes will be published in the “Jackpot” page under “previous results”

·       Where one, two or three Jackpot games is/are cancelled, interrupted, abandoned, suspended or postponed, an official public draw shall be carried out within 48 hours from the time of end of the last game of the jackpot, to determine the result of the missing game result.

·       There shall be presence of an authorized BCLB officer at every public draw

·       If a match is abandoned or postponed from its scheduled date/time but is then rescheduled to take place no later than the advertised kick-off time of the last match on the list, then provided the match is played to completion at the re-arranged time, all selections will stand.

·       In cases we have one or more winners, the Kwikbet Omoka Jackpot prize of 500,000 is shared equally among winners.

·       Bonuses are awarded for 7 and 8 correct predictions in cases where we don’t have winner(s), whenever we have a winner(s) no bonuses are awarded.

·       Instances where customers place bets and don’t receive Bet ID’s due to system faults, the jackpot bet amount is reversed back to customer account within 48hrs of last jackpot game played.

Winnings are subject to 20% tax deduction

Kwikbet reserved the right to use the names, radio recordings, motion and still images of the winner or winners, for purposes of publicity, marketing campaigns and administering this competition. By entering this competition, players agree that Kwikbet and its business partners may use the details provided by the player to contact them about its products and services and for marketing purposes.


Chat on WhatsApp with +254 712 290028