List of Sportpesa Jackpots, Bonus amounts, stake and betting tips in Kenya


Sportpesa has two main jackpots, Sportpesa Midweek and Mega jackpots. The two jackpots were introduced in 2013 when Sportpesa started its operations in Kenya.

Sportpesa Mega jackpot

Sportpesa Mega jackpot has a total of 17 games with bonuses starting from 12 correct games. All those getting 12,13,14,15 and 16 correct games are awarded bonuses. The jackpot is either played on Saturday or Sunday every week. The stake amount is Ksh99.

Estimated bonuses

12/17 correct games—Ksh 10,000

13/17 correct games—Ksh 50,000

14/17 correct games—Ksh500,000

15/17 correct games—Ksh1 million

16/17 correct games—Ksh 5 million

Those getting 17/17 correct games are awarded Ksh100 million and above depending on the number of winners and cash prize that week.

Sportpesa Midweek jackpot

Sportpesa midweek jackpot is played every week between Monday and Friday. The jackpot contains 13 games and a cash prize of Ksh10 million and above. Bonuses start from 10 correct games. All those getting 10, 11 and 12 games are awarded bonuses.

Here are estimated bonuses:

10/13 correct games—Ksh 10,000

11/13 correct games—Ksh 100,000

12/13 correct games—Ksh 1000,000

13/13 correct games—Ksh10 million and above

How to get the best predictions for Sportpesa Midweek and Mega jackpots in Kenya

We offer the best predictions for Sportpesa Midweek and Mega jackpots every week. Each subscriber gets 4 versions of the analyzed jackpot.

To subscribe for the tips, pay Ksh1, 450 per month or Ksh 720 for two weeks as follows:

  • Go to MPESA
  • Select Lipa Na MPESA
  • Select Buy Goods and Services
  • Enter MPESA till number (705909)
  • Enter amount (Ksh1450, Ksh720)
  • Enter MPESA pin and send

The tips will be sent to you weekly via SMS.