Meaning of GG/NG in Betting


GG means both teams to score while NG means either one teams will score or none of them will score.


If Arsenal and Manchester United are playing and the result ends like this: Arsenal 1 Manchester United 1,it means both teams scored 1 goals each. In this case,GG result is witnessed.

Assuming that the result for the match is, Arsenal 0 Manchester United 1.Then NG is the correct interpretation for the result because only Manchester United scored. In another case,if the result is Arsenal 0 Manchester United 0,it means NG is the correct interpretation.

GG/NG are common in betting. Their odds range between 0.1 to 101.In gambling, when the odds for GG are below 1.40,it means there are more than 90% chances that both teams will score.If the odds are more than 2.0,it means only one team is likely to score or none will score.

High scoring games have better chances of ending in GG.Such teams are found in counties like Switzerland,Norway,Faroe Island, Germany, Austria and Australia. Low scoring matches are mostly found in Africa,Italy,Asia and Turkey.

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