Mozzartbet Registration, Paybill Number, deposit, withdrawal, jackpots, bonuses, betting tips, customer care contacts


Mozzartbet stands out as one of the best betting sites in Kenya. It offers opportunities to customers to bet on football matches, casino, jackpots and other games. In this article, we shall provide details of what you wish to know about the betting site.

How to register with Mozzartbet Kenya

To register,visit Mozzartbet Kenya and enter your phone number and the password you wish to use.Registration process takes less than 2 minutes.

  • How to deposit money to Mozzartbet via MPESA
  • Go to the mpesa Menu
  • Lipa na Mpesa
  • Go to paybill number
  • Enter business number 290059
  • Enter Account No.YOUR PHONE NO
  • Enter Amount
  • Enter Pin.

 You will receive a confirmation message then press send. You can also deposit through the Mpesa online deposit option. Once you’re logged in to your Mozzart Account.Click on Account then on Deposit.

Mozzartbet Jackpots and bonuses

Mozzartbet has two jackpots,daily jackpot for 16 games and weekly jackpot for 20 games.the cash prize for 16 games is Ksh20 million while for 20 games is Ksh 200 million.

Mozzartbet bonuses for 16 games

    13/16—Ksh500,000 each

    14/16—Ksh 2,000,000

    15/16—Ksh 6,000,000

    16/16—Ksh 20,000,000

Mozzartbet bonuses for 20 games

  • The winning for 19 correct predictions and one match postponed amounts to Ksh. 60,000,000
  • The winning for 18 correct predictions and two matches postponed amounts to Ksh. 20,000,000
  • The winning for 17 correct predictions and three matches postponed amounts to Ksh. 5,000,000

Mozzart jackpot predictions

We offer daily and weekly predictions for Mozzart jackpot.To get well analyzed tips for these jackpots,pay Ksh 1,300 per month or Ksh 650 for two weeks for two weeks to the MPESA Till Number 705909.The predictions will be sent to you via SMS

Mozzartbet working hours and physical location

Feel free to walk in and and out of our Mozzart Bet shops everyday from 9 AM to 10 PM along Ronald Ngala street former Nakumatt Supermarket, In Westlands, at Westlands Square opposite The Mall. In Kayole at Masimba stage and in Kawangware former Barclays Bank near Kongo stage.

How to bet on Mozzartbet via SMS

To place a single bet via SMS, send GameID#Prediction#Amount . eg 1234#1#50 to 29990. For a Multibet, GameId#prediction#GameId#prediction#Amount e.g 1234#2#3242#X#20 Jackpot it’s JP13#1X21X21X21X21

send to 29990

What is the maximum number of games in a bet?

The maximum number of games you can bet online is 50 games per betslip. Via SMS you can place upto a maximum of 50 games.

    I Have lost a bet with only one match and have not received my cash back.

Dear customer, kindly inbox us your phone number we look at your bet slip. It is also important to note that in calculating Mozzart refund cash back we multiply your total odds less the odds of the lost prediction in your bet slip; if the rest of the odds are 29 and above we multiply your stake by 1,if the rest of the odds are 59 and above your stake by 2, if the rest of the odds are 99 and above your stake by 5

499 odds and above your stake by 10,

and 999 odds and above your stake by 100.

Do you have  free deposits?

Dear customer, enjoy a FREE DEPOSIT bonus promotion of every deposit made from Ksh 100 and above.Also at Mozzart bet we have Pesa Mkononi which enables our customers to enjoy absolutely free deposits and withdrawals at any of our bet shops. If you can not however access our shops, For direct Mpesa deposits the normal Safaricom Mpesa transaction charges apply.

Mozzartbet minimum stake

Dear customer, the minimum amount of stake on single bets, multi bets, Virtual and Live bet games is Ksh 20. Via sms as well as online on Opera Mini, Chrome or Mozilla firefox and the Mozzart daily Jackpot is Ksh 50.

What is Greek Keno

Greek Keno is one of our Lotto games where you have a chance to choose a maximum of 8 lucky numbers ranging between 1-80.Where a draw of 20 numbers is conducted after every five minutes. All the 8 numbers have odds if correctly picked.

If you select numbers and are drawn you earn against their respective odds as shown below;

1 correct number-3.75

2 correct numbers-14

3 correct numbers-65

4 correct numbers-275

5 correct numbers-1350

6 correct numbers-6500

7 correct numbers-25000

8 correct numbers-125000

Does Mozzart charge tax

Yes, according to the government regulations

I need my Pin CODE

Dear customer,to get your Pin Code SMS the word CODE to 29990.

How to Reset password via Web

kindly visit our website click on login then click on forgotten password option. Use your phone number as your username then key in your pin code. In case you have forgotten your pin code SMS the word CODE to 29990 to retrieve your pin code. After you key in your pin code click on Reset password. Your password will be sent to your phone by Mozzart_Bet.

What happens when a match has been postponed

Dear customer, when a match has been postponed we give our match organizers 50 hrs to determine if the match will be played or not, however if the match will not be played we will still credit your account for the won matches.

What is handicap

This market is whereby you predict whether a team will win the match with a score difference of 2 goals.

I need my Jackpot Results.

Dear customer to check results of the jackpot bet you placed, you can do so via SMS or online. To check via SMS send the BetID to 29990 starting with “BetID#’ E.g. BetID#2999-9310295-1684 send the sms to 29990. To check results your bet online simply login to your account, click on my bets, then select your preferred history of either sport betting, My number, Virtual games, or Live bets. In case you’re using the Mozzart APP, click on your username located at the top right section of the APP, then click on My Account and you should be able to view the options above

Mozzart Customer Service contacts

Contact Our customer Service;

Call Center: +254 709 168 000

Email: [email protected]

WhatsAPP: 0713 665 355

FB: Mozzart Bet Kenya
IG: Mozzart Bet Kenya

TW: @Mozzartbetkenya

How to Install Mozzart Bet Application?

To Download the Mozzartbet Android App just click this link;


How do I re-open a closed account

In case you initiated an account to be closed for one reason or another, and your account was closed permanently, You can register again just by sending the word WIN to 29990

Can I cancel my bet?

Dear customer, you can now cancel your bet via SMS by sending Cancel#andyourBetID to 29990.



How to reset your password on Mozzartbet

To reset your password just send the word ‘RESET’ to 29990. To reset it online, click login, then click on Forgotten Password. Use your phone number as your username then key in your pin code. In case you have forgotten your pin code SMS the word ‘CODE’ to 29990 & retrieve your pin code. After you key in your pin code, click on Reset password. Your new password will be sent to your phone by Mozzart Bet.

How to withdraw money from Mozzartbet via SMS.

To withdraw via SMS or at the Shop

Step 1

Ensure that your Safaricom line is credited with Ksh10 and above. Normal Safaricom rates are charged when you withdraw from Mozzartbet

Step 2

Draft this message : R#500#5858  and send to  29990 (Where R is the command to withdraw,  500 is the amount to be withdrawn and 5858 is you pin code).

For instance, If I want to withdraw Ksh 1,000, this is the message I will draft and send to 29990


R=withdraw command

500=The amount to withdraw

5858=personal Mozzartbet password

Mozzartbet will send a message to you that your withdrawal request has been successful.You will then wait for 2 to 15 minutes for an MPESA message from Safaricom.

The maximum amount to withdraw per transaction is Ksh70,000.