Sportpesa 17 Games Jackpot News

Sportpesa 17 Games Jackpot News


News from Sportpesa indicates that no one won the 17-game jackpot.

From their latest information, only a single person managed to predict15 games correct.The individual pocketed a cool Ksh 3,231,507

A statement issued by Sportpesa read:

C”ongratulations to everyone who tried out the #SportPesaMegaJackpot. Here are the Bonus payouts:
15 Correct Predictions – Kshs. 3,231,507/= EACH
14 Correct Predictions – Kshs. 221,256/= EACH
13 Correct Predictions – Kshs. 39,015/= EACH
12 Correct Predictions – Kshs. 8,922/= EACH
Correct MJP Combination: 2,1,2,X,X,X,1,1,2,1,X,1,2,X,X,2,X
New Mega-Jackpot Amount: Kshs. 116,329,262/=”

This week,you could walk away with Ksh116 million.