What will Happen if Sportpesa Jackpot Game is Cancelled or Postponed


Sometimes Sportpesa game might be cancelled or postponed after you place a bet. Even more, one of the jackpot games can be cancelled. In this case, Sportpesa has set out rules on how to handle the case.

In 2016 one of the 17 jackpot games was cancelled and Sportpesa had to issue bonuses for those who got the remaining games correctly. The sad part was that even those who correctly predicted 16/16 games didn’t get the grand prize but bonuses.

That day several other games were cancelled and Sportpesa issued this statement:

“This is to inform you that on 2nd January 2016, 30 Football games were canceled due to bad weather in Europe.

If you placed a single bet on any of the games, your bet amount was refunded and sent back to your S-PESA account.

If you placed a Multi-bet that included any of the canceled game(s), the odds of that match/those matches were adjusted to 1.00. This therefore resulted in the difference between your initial possible win and the amount you received in your S-PESA account. This means that the total odds will be adjusted accordingly and the multi-bet will still be won if all other bets contained in it are won too”