Why Most Kenyans Bet With Sportpesa

Why Most Kenyans Bet With Sportpesa


More than 40% of Kenyans are still betting with Sportpesa.Many of my readers have asked why this is the case despite over 20 betting companies existing in Kenya.

There is a saying that goes like this: “the early bird catches the worm”. This is exactly what Sportpesa did. The company set foot in Kenya when other companies were still figuring out where next.Sportpesa studied the minds of Kenyans and gave them what they wanted-a betting platform.

One of the reasons why Sportpesa is still clicking is because of it’s mouthwatering Jackpot. The company has made sure that the 17-game jackpot is always available to Kenyans and that winners are found. You know a human being’s mind is set in such a way that it’s attracted to quantity. The 17-game jackpot guarantees over Ksh100 million each week and every time a winner is announced, Kenyans have to know.


Sportpesa has done marvelous when it comes to publicity. Every time a winner is announced, the company ensures he/she is known to the public.Sportpesa also has a very effective Facebook page known as Sportpesa Care which makes available information about Sportpesa jackpots and other news.

Publicity is vital, especially when it comes to information about jackpot winners. What I know and I have witnessed is that when a jackpot winner is announced, that weekend alone, Sportpesa gets over 20,000 sign ups.More people are also motivated to bet.


Sportpesa is honest. There is no time you will hear a customer complain on social media and he is not attended to. The company ensures that any issues arising from betting are promptly solved.

Lack of information about other amazing betting companies

Most people don’t know there are other amazing betting companies,like Betway and 1XBET.If they had all the information about the companies,they won’t be stuck with Sportpesa.Betway,for instance has Live Betting,weekly bonuses and wonderful weekly jackpots.You can click here to see more


MPESA is the most convenient way of sending and receiving money in Kenya.If a betting company does not have this mode of payment,it can’t succeed in Kenya.Sportpesa paybill number, which is 955100 is quite simple and works quite effectively.

Now,besides Sportpesa,1XBET is one company that is threatening the existence of other betting companies.1XBET offers 200% bonus on your first deposit.I used to be on Sportpesa but later changed to 1XBET when I realized they have amazing betting odds.You can click here to join and earn the bonus