Why Most Kenyans don’t play Casino Online


It’s surprising that while Kenya is among the leading countries in Africa in regards to football betting, majority of gamblers have not fully embraced online casino. There are several reasons why majority of Kenyans have not started playing online casino.

  1. Lack of information

Betting firms have not done enough campaigns to promote online casino, only sports betting is being promoted. I talk to most of the clients of betting companies in Kenya and it’s sad that majority of them are not aware that online casino is found in websites where they are members. If they had enough information on how to play and the amount of money to win, they could have started playing online casino the moment they registered.

The best thing betting firms should do is to start promoting casino as much as they promote sports betting. Casino can generate a lot of revenue considering that it can be played any time of the day.

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  1. Not enough stake to bet with

Online casinos tend to be more expensive than football betting. Sometimes betting companies require one to have more than Ksh 100 in order to play any type of casino but as little as Ksh1 to bet for daily football games. Kenyans prefer the cheaper route, hence football tips at the expense of casino.

  1. Not every betting site provide option for online casino

A number of betting sites don’t provide option for playing casino. Players believe that casino isn’t as serious as other games.

  1. Misinformation

Majority of gamblers have a false believe that results for casino are pre-determined. They prefer to bet for real games as opposed to imaginary matches on casino platform. If we had people from companies explaining that casino is as good as other games, the popularity of casino could soar.

  1. Passion for football

Since most players have passion for football, they prefer to play as they watch their favourite teams play.