Best Actuarial Companies to look for employment in Dubai



There are several Actuarial Companies in Dubai where you can look for employment.These companies offer jobs for actuarial and statistics students and graduates.

If you have a degree in Actuarial Science or Statistics, the following are the best companies to search employment:

TAF Consulting Group

TAF Consulting is a firm of consultants and actuaries founded to serve the Middle East, Africa and South Asia as a regional initiative. TAF will articulate solutions and methods that truly reflect local realities and will make necessary investments to develop local resources. They provide a full range of actuarial and management consulting services to clients in the areas of life insurance, financial services, general insurance, healthcare, employee benefits and investment consulting. TAF’s services support the conventional and non-interest financial services companies.

The company offers attractive salaries for Actuaries, usually above AED5,000 per month. If you are a graduate of actuarial science, apply for employment in the company.

BADRI Management Consultancy

Badri Consulting is a boutique actuarial consulting company setup by two dynamic and experienced partners. Both have been working in this region for the past 15 years each and have setup with the aim of furthering the use of actuarial skills in non-life industry.

There is a dearth of actuaries working in the MENA region and especially in the non-life segment. Few of the larger companies have in-house actuaries, while majority of the mid to small sized companies either do not utilize actuarial skills or hire junior resources to assist. Both of this could prove dangerous options in the long term as in a competitive market there is a need of having analytical support and market expertise while making decisions.

BADRI Management Consultancy is also another company to drop your CV.The Company is situated in Dubai and offers jobs for Actuarial Science graduates, especially from Dubai and India.

TAHA Actuaries and Consultants

Taha Actuaries & Consultants is located in Dubai and offers jobs for Actuaries. Some of the services offered by Taha include:

Rate making

Loss Reserving

Trend Analysis

Data Mining

Regulatory Compliance

Financial Projections


Actuarial Opinion

Product Development

Government Consultancy Services

Regulatory Support

Provider costing of services

Wellness and Disease Management program design and ROI calculation

Lux Actuaries

Lux Actuaries & Consultants is an independent actuarial consultancy with offices in Bahrain, Cyprus, Greece, India, Mexico, Turkey, the UAE and the UK.  The countries offers actuarial services to banks, government institutions, insurance companies and other institution.Regurly,it offers employment to fresh actuarial science graduates and experienced actuaries.

Besides the companies we have listed above, you can also search for employment in the banking sector, insurance companies, audit firms and government sector.