Top 40 Most Marketable Courses in Zimbabwe



There are over 100 courses offered in Zimbabwe but not all of them are marketable. A marketable course with numerous job opportunities. These courses are rare, but available on Zimbabwe universities.

Below we present 40 most marketable courses in Zimbabwe

  1. Bachelor of Education
  2. BSc Honours in Civil Engineering
  3. BSc Honours in Electrical Engineering
  4. BSc Honours in Mechanical Engineering
  5. BSc Honours in Metallurgical Engineering
  6. BSc Honours in Geoinformatics and Surveying (HSV)
  7. BSc Honours in Mining Engineering (HME)
  8. Bachelor of Laws Honours Degree: (LLBS)
  9. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery Degrees (MBChB) 5 years
  10. Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) 5 years
  11. Bachelor of Pharmacy Honours (BPharm. Hons) 4 years
  12. Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Sciences Honours Degree (HBMLS) 4 years
  13. Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Occupational Therapy (BSc OT Hons) 4 years
  14. Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Physiotherapy (BSc PT Hons) 4 years
  15. Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Nursing Science (BSc N Hons) 4 years
  16. Bachelor of Health Education and Promotion (BSc HEP) 3 years
  17. Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Radiography (Diagnostic) (BSc HRD) 4 years
  18. Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Radiography (Therapeutic) (BSc HRT) 4 years
  19. Bachelor of Science Honours in Economics
  20. Bachelor of Science Honours in Psychology
  21. Bachelor of Science Honours in Rural and Urban Planning
  22. Bachelor of Science Honours in Real Estate Management
  23. Bachelor of Veterinary Science (BVSc)
  24. Bachelor of Business Administration
  25. Bachelor of Commerce
  26. Bachelor of Economics and Statistics
  27. Bachelor of Banking and Finance
  28. Bachelor of Statistics
  29. Bachelor of Actuarial Science
  30. Bachelor of Land Economics
  31. Bachelor of Agriculture Economics
  32. Bachelor of Architecture
  33. Bachelor of Software Engineering
  34. Bachelor of Computer Science
  35. Bachelor of Business Information Technology
  36. Bachelor of Human Resource Management
  37. Bachelor of Supplies & Management
  38. Bachelor of Information Technology
  39. Bachelor of Criminology and Forensic Science
  40. Bachelor of Nursing and Midwifery

Most of the popular courses in Zimbabwe are related to engineering, Information Technology and medicine, but there are a few courses in arts category.

These marketable courses are the most sought after in Zimbabwe and attract competitive salaries.