KCSE Grade Required to Study Diploma or Degree in Nursing in Kenya



Nursing remains one of the most popular courses in Kenya.The minimum entry requirement for diploma in nursing is a C- in KCSE while degree course requires at least a C+,but the Nursing Council of Kenya has stipulated the entry requirements for the program at diploma level.

According to the Nursing Council of Kenya,you should have the following KCSE grades for you to pursue Nursing:

Minimum Entry Criteria: Diploma [Pre-Service]

Aggregate grade : C Plain
Mandatory Subjects:

Biology or Biological Sciences: C Plain
English or Kiswahili: C Plain
Grade C- in any of the following subjects: Physical Sciences, Physics, Mathematics, General Science, Physics with Chemistry and NOT Clothing and Textiles

Minimum Entry Criteria for upgrade to Diploma [In-Service]

Aggregate of grade D+ or Division IV in the EACE exams
Nursing Council of Kenya Certificate 2 years post enrollment working experience

Minimum Entry Criteria: Degree [Pre-Service]

KCSE aggregate of grade: C+ with:

Cluster A:

English or Kiswahili: C+
Mathematics or Physics: C+
Chemistry: C+
Biology: C+

Cluster B:

English or Kiswahili: C+
Mathematics: C+
Physical Sciences: C+
Biological Sciences: C+


Minimum Entry Criteria for Upgrade to Degree [In-Service]

Aggregate of grade C or Division II in the KCE exams
Mandatory: C in Biology or Biological Studies
Nursing Council of Kenya Diploma: KRN or KRCHN
2 years post diploma working experience

KENYA MEDICAL TRAINING COLLEGE (KMTC), which is the best college in Kenya for Nursing and health related courses, has outlined the following KCSE grades as Minimum Entry Requirements

C in English or Kiswahili and Biology or Biological Sciences, C- in any one of the following: Chemistry
or Physics or Physical Science or Mathematics

Aggregate Grade C plain and above

At MOUNT KENYA UNIVERSITY (MKU) these are the Minimum Entry Requirements for Nursing degree

  • Diploma in Nursing from a recognized  institution.
  • KCSE mean grade C plain or Division II.
  • A valid practice license from nursing council of Kenya.
  • Two years’ work experience after
  • graduation  as a registered nurse.

UNIVERSITY OF NAIROBI OFFERS B.SC. (NURSING), and here are admission requirements

  • Candidates for admission must obtain the prescribed minimum grades in K.C.S.E. in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and English or Kiswahili, or the following:
  • Biological Sciences, Physical Science, Mathematics, English or Kiswahili and one subject from group two of K.C.S.E.
  • Alternatively, admission may be granted to outstanding diploma holders from recognised Nursing Colleges. Such candidates must: Hold a diploma with credit or distinction from such Colleges.
  • Be supported in their application by a statement from the principal of that college to the effect that their performance in the diploma course was exceptionally good and that their understanding of basic sciences is such that they will be able to benefit from a degree course.
  • Any candidates currently employed shall have their application supported by a statement from their employer.

UNIVERSITY OF EASTERN AFRICA BARATON offers several courses related to Nursing,and here are entry requirements

  1. A mean grade of C+ (minus) or better at the KCSE, division II or better, or its equivalent, is required for all pre-service  students.
  2. A grade of C+ or credit in cluster subjects; Mathematics/Physics, Chemistry, (or Physical science), Biology, and English/Kiswahili
  3. Foreign students from non-English speaking countries, must have their High School certificates/diplomas translated in  English with an accompanying statement showing how their system equates to the Kenya System.
    Foreign trained nurses must assume responsibility to have their certificates/diplomas translated to English. It is strongly advised that this is done before admission.
  4. Foreign ‘0” level certificates are sent to the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) for equation to the Kenyan system. This is done during the pre-clinical period.
  5. For Registered Nurses, a mean grade of C plain, diploma certificate and practice license from the Nursing council of Kenya.


JKUAT offers Bachelor of Science Nursing,and here are admission requirements

The department currently offers a Bachelor of Science Nursing Programme

Admission criteria

Direct entry
The minimum entry requirements are mean grade of C+ in KCSE or its equivalent with C+    in each of the following cluster subjects: English, Biology/Biological Sciences, Chemistry Mathematics or Physics.

RN to BScN Upgrading
•    KCSE aggregate C plain plus Diploma in Nursing
•    KCE/EACE Division 2 plus Diploma in Nursing
•    KACE 1Principal and 2 Subsidiaries plus Diploma in Nursing

  •  At least 2 years working experience after attainment of the Diploma in Nursing

Programme duration

1 Direct Entry- Four (4) academic years on a full time basis

2 Upgrading-    Two and a half academic years on part-time basis (2 days in a week)

3 Graduates of the programme will undertake a one year internship programme and sit for a licensing examination as prescribed by the Nursing Council of Kenya



  1. hi am Cynthia… I had a mean grade of c plain and biology seemed to be the main issue i had a Dplus
    for me to pursue diploma… which college can I join for certificate course in nursing

  2. Comment: I had atotal of C (plain) 41 points with B- in maths, C- in both chemistry and biology and a D+ in English,can i pursue diploma in nursing

  3. I had grade B but Maths B+,Phyc C+,Chem C ,both languages B+,Bio C+ Can I still do a degree in nursing with my C in chemistry kindly help

  4. Comment:I had C plain… including the following maths C (less) biology ; chemistry D (plain) and English and kiswahili C (plain) can I be able to pursue nursing diploma course.??… please

  5. Comment:hey am diana i scored a C- as my grade and i failed all de sciences but de languages i had a C,so can i stil pursue de nursing course

  6. Am Kevin Simiyu I scored a C plain and had a C- and D+ in kiswahili and English respectively , a C plain in all sciences and C+ in mathematics , kindly am I able to pursue a diploma in either of the following ; pharmacy , clinical medicine and nursing . Kindly I look but for your response .

  7. Hi am lula uban.i did my kcse my kcse in 2019 got mean grade of a B plain,a c+ in biology,A in math,B in chemistry and a B- in english..can i secure a place in kmtc?a degree course in nursing?

  8. Hi am benter kindly asking if I can pursue diploma in nursing ,,,I got a mean grade of C minus having C plus in English but biology Dplain ,,,,,,kindly reply and if possible in which college?

  9. I had a mean grade of D+.biologyD-, chemistry D-and E in mathematics and have passion of doing nursing. And what if i come do bridging in sciences then i read there.Thank you

  10. Hi I am daisy I got a mean grade of C plain a D- in maths,Dplain in chemistry and a D+ in biology can I pursue nursing in KMTC?Kindly help.Thankyou

  11. Hi am Stacey…I had a mean grade of C plain…biology C,,,English B-,,,mathematics B-,,,kiswahili C,,,chemistry D… I want to apply for diploma in nursing but in the list of courses am being given to have qualified for nursing is not available…kindly help me

  12. I have a cplus in 2019 kcse and I want to enroll in kmtc ihad cplain in biology cplain in mat and cplus in kisw how can I enroll in kmtc

  13. My name is Lucia Mukethe…I got an aggregate of an A-of 74..could I please secure a chance in the school of nursing?

  14. I am david ongubo i got c- minus in kcse with maths D,biology C-minus English D,CHEMISTRY D Kiswahili C-i want pursue certificate in nursing

  15. Hi.i am Geoffrey i scored B in english, c+in kiswahili, chem c and biology c+ and math D+.can i do nursing degree or diploma.mean grade c+

  16. Hi.I’m Esther Kavutha. I scored a C in chemistry, D plain in biology,C+ in mathematics and physics respectively,C- in English and C plain in kiswahili. Can I pursue diploma in Nursing?

  17. Hi am Edward, I had a mini grade of c plain ,, c plus in maths and Agri ,, c minus in chem bio c plus,, c minus in English and a D plus in kisw, can I persue diploma in nursing

  18. i got a c- in kcse i want to do bridging in the required subjects so that i can persue bachelors degree in nursing odr a diploma

    • Hae ,I had a B- ,with a B in math, B in biology ,C+ English, B+ kiswahili, D+ Chemistry ,C+ Physics,can I take a diploma in nursing

  19. Hae ,I had a B- ,with a B in math, B in biology ,C+ English, B+ kiswahili, D+ Chemistry ,C+ Physics,can I take a diploma in nursing

  20. I got a B plain in Kis and ENG,B+ in MAT,C.R.E and BS,A- in Histo,B- in Biology and C plain in CHEMISTRY can I do a degree course in NURSING with my C in CHEM ,overall B plain

  21. I had C+ in kiswahili, B- in English, D in Mathematics, B- in Biology, C+ in Chemistry. Can I do a nursing course for diploma?

  22. I had C- in mathematics and D in biology and chemistry can I presume a degree in nursing please ,,,,I had a B- in English B+ in Kiswahili , Computer B+ ,CRE B+ and Geography B-,,, please help me

  23. My name is namasaka naomy,I had mean grade of c-and I want to purse in diploma in nursing,will I get application at aic kijabe?

  24. I scored a C-.mathematics-D+, EnglishC, Kiswahili-C, BiologyD, Chemistry-D, History and governmentB-, Christian religious educationC+ andBusinessC can i study nursing at KMTC

  25. I have a mean grade of C plain with
    Kiswahili C plain
    English C plain
    CRE B minus
    History B plus
    Maths D plain
    Chemistry C minus
    Business studies B plain
    Biology C plain
    Which of the above universities do I qualify

  26. I have a mean grade of C plain with
    Kiswahili C plain
    English C plain
    CRE B minus
    History B plus
    Maths D plain
    Chemistry C minus
    Business studies B plain
    Biology C plain
    Which of the above universities do I qualify

  27. i am yvonne. i did my kcse year 2016 and got grade C- with E in maths,D in biology,D- in chemistry. can i do nursing at diploma level and in which university.

  28. Am Nancy Kemunto, i scored a C plain as my mean grade with a C plain in maths and English and D+ in biology. can i qualify in diploma in nursing? kindly

  29. Am Dafrose Akinyi i got a mean grade of c plain ,B+in Maths,c-in Eng,D+in kis,D+ in Bio,c+ in Chem,D+ in phy,c+ in CRE,C plain inAgric can i pursue a course i pharmacy?

  30. Am Dafrose Akinyi i got a mean grade of c plain ,B+in Maths,c-in Eng,D+in kis,D+ in Bio,c+ in Chem,D+ in phy,c+ in CRE,C plain inAgric can i pursue a course i pharmacy?

  31. Will I transferred from university to KMTC.Iam interested in pursuing Diploma in Radiography. I had B (Plain) Math A,KiswC-,EngB-,chemC-,phyC+,Bio B,AGR B-,Geo A.

  32. Iam Joan chepkemoi I had c+,math B, English D+, Kiswahili c+,chem c+,bio D, business B+ and history B+ can I study diploma in nursing?

  33. hey, am mercy atyang i got amean grade of C- can i persue acourse in nursing , i had a mean grade of D in both chemestry and boilogy. can i, and if not which health course can i persue with a mean grade of C-?


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