by fixusjobs

Fixusjobs allows individuals and corporate institutions to advertise on our platform.There are three ways you can advertise on our site:Sponsored content,Internal links and banners.

Sponsored content

Sponsored content  are quality articled drafted by individuals and companies which are targeting a specific audience.The articles will either bear links or not depending on what the publisher deems fit-those are articles we publish on our website.

We charge a flat fee of $50 for a single  sponsored article.

Banner Advertisement

Since our blog is dedicated to information about career,schools,courses,blogging,email marketing and web hosting,we accept banners targeting those niches.We also accept banners for unrelated areas like online stores and gambling.

We charge a monthly fee of  $500 for a single banner.


There are individuals and companies who’d wish to have their links in our posts…we accept those links.For instance,you may identify one of our viral blog posts and wish that you can tap some of the traffic to your website.The best thing to do is contact us and send us the links with clear instructions on which specific post you wish to have the link in.We shall edit the post to incorporate the link.

We charge $20 for having a single link to your site.

There are two ways to contact us:send us an email to [email protected]m or call +254722927138