Is economics and statistics degree course marketable in Kenya



A degree in Economics and Statistics is one of the best courses to study in Kenya. The course is more popular than 80 % of all courses offered in Kenyan universities. If you want to pursue a degree course that will guarantee you employment after college then Economics and Statistics is one.

There is a big difference between economics, statistics, and economics and statistics. Economics and Statistics is a combination of two related courses where a student applies Economic theories and principles in statistics and data analysis. In this course, one is able to learn economics, econometrics, finance and statistics-a very powerful combination.

What most student in this programme do is pursue a relevant professional course. The most relevant professional courses include CPA, ACCA, CFA and CIFA.If you find yourself possessing this degree plus any of the aforementioned professional courses, employment will not be an issue to you-you will easily secure employment.

With this degree you are likely to work in any financial institution, audit firms, banks, government institutions, research firms, UN, NGOs and investment and consulting companies.