How to Get Money from NSSF Uganda


If you have retired and you want to get money from NSSF Uganda,follow these steps:

You must have attained the qualifying conditions.
(ii) You must fill in the correct forms for the correct benefit once you attain the qualifying conditions.
(iii) You must state the payment centre (NSSF office or bank) nearest and most convenient to you regardless of where you are going to settle after leaving employment.
(iv)You must ensure that the information you give on the benefit form is the correct one. It should tally with information you gave on the original registration card (Master Card).
(v) You must ensure that at the time of registration your age is not either overstated or understated. This should in turn tally with the date of birth at the time of filling the benefit forms.
(vi)The benefit forms must be supported with correct/authentic documents depending on the type of benefit one qualifies for. Any falsification of documents will lead to rejection of the benefit form and may lead to prosecution under the NSSF Act.
(vi)For example, some of the required documents are: –
a) Letter from your employer
b) Letter from LC authority
c) In case of Invalidity Benefit, medical treatment forms and/or a report from a recognized doctor stating the extent of the condition of invalidity.
d) Certified copy of appointment letter and Posting instruction in case of excepted employment
e) Letter from relevant embassy in case of Emigration Grant and support your claim.

  • Is there any other way through which a member may get his/her money?

A member MUST satisfy the above laid down qualifying conditions in order to access their benefits