How to get your first 1,000 YouTube Subscribers


The hardest thing for any YouTuber is to get your first 1000 subscribers. When you create a new channel, you get excited that it will become instant success but after posting a couple of videos you learn that nobody is watching them because you don’t have subscribers, or nobody knows your channel. One requirement for any YouTuber to start earning money is that they must get at least 1,000 subscribers .This is an uphill task considering the available competition online. Some channels take up to 5 years to garner 1,000 subscribers while others take less than a week. What exactly do these people who get thousands of subscribers so quickly do that others don’t?!!Below are the answers.

  • Identify a popular niche

The niche you choose might hinder your progress because only a few people search for such content online. Before creating a channel, first identify a suitable niche with high volume of searches, then create videos particularly on the niche. If your videos are good, the channel will grow organically.

  • Post high quality videos on the channel daily

There is nothing that comes easy online, you have to put a lot of effort. Don’t post one video per month and expect to get millions of subscribers. First, make sure the videos are of high quality, long and entertaining such that when someone finishes watching, he is tempted to subscribe.

The easiest way to get 1,000 subscribers is to post high quality videos daily. By posting daily, people would know that every time they visit your channel, they’ll get content. If the videos are so good, your viewers will be forced to subscribe in order to get alerts whenever you post a new video.

The good thing of posting daily is that YouTube will know that you are a serious content creator and start suggesting your videos. This way, you’ll get people from every corner of the world consuming your content.

  • Share your videos on social media

I know it’s hard to get subscribers for a new channel. If you feel that your content is good, share it on social media and WhatsApp. The first few people to visit your channel and get impressed will share the content. Growing through referral and suggestions is the best way to grow your channel.

As you share your YouTube channel on social media, don’t overdo, just share on few occasions. Please don’t feel bad if your followers don’t subscribe.

  • Content is king

No matter how aggressive you market your channel, if the content isn’t good, you’ll struggle to get subscribers. If you post videos regularly and within a year or two, you realize that people aren’t subscribing, conclude that your videos aren’t appealing to readers. Try to change the faces behind the videos or the niche.