Citizen TV Salaries in Kenya


Citizen TV is the best paying media station in Kenya, the salaries of presenters rise to above Ksh 2 million. The highest paid journalist at the station is Jeff Koinange who earns Ksh2 million per month.

The news anchors are paid based on experience and the title each of them holds. Senior editors earn in excess of Ksh900,000 each while top news anchors like Victoria Rubadili take home up to Ksh800,000. Yvonne Okwara who was poached from Standard Media Group earns Ksh 700,000, Linus Kaikai and Joe Ageyo each take home more than Ksh 1 million per month.

The lowest paid staff at Citizen TV are support staff, such as secretaries, security officers and drivers who earn between Ksh 20,000 and Ksh 60,000. Cameramen earn from Ksh50,000 up to Ksh100,000.

The average salary of a news anchor at Citizen TV is Ksh350,000. Even so, trainees earn between Ksh 90,000 an dKsh150,000.

None of the media stations in Kenya come closer to Citizen TV in regards to salaries. If you get a chance to work for Citizen TV,be sure you will earn more than Ksh100,000 per month .

The only negative thing about Citizen is that they need perfectionists, no room for mistakes. As you join, be ready not to make mistakes.