How to Increase your Blog Traffic from 1,000 to 100,000 within a month

How to Increase your Blog Traffic from 1,000 to 100,000 within a month


It’s now possible to increase your blog traffic from an average of 1,000 daily page views to 100,000 in one month. This is only possible if you plan to spend on basic SEO tools and hosting plans. Below we are going to show you practical ways to achieve this.

Improve your blog SEO

Search Engine Optimization, popularly known as SEO,is the most important thing for any publisher striving to grow. The reason your blog is not popular is because its SEO is poor such that when you post any content, it’s always placed on page two, three, four or even 10 on Google. Another reason is that your articles are not indexed.For your blog to get a better SEO, you have to use SEO tools like SEMrush.SEMrush is a tool that has helped millions of bloggers get better Google ranking and eventually attain the best Alexa rank. As a blogger, don’t miss to experiment with SEMrush.The Company will give you a free trial until you decide to pay for the premium version. To sign up, click here

SEMrush will help get your articles indexed, it will make available millions of keywords to use as titles and also spy on your competitors’ content.

Share on social media

Sharing on social media is good but the traffic may not be sustainable. While you are sharing, make sure you focus on keywords.

Master Long Tail Keywords trick

I know many of our newbie bloggers are not aware that Long Tail Keywords play a major role in regards to ranking of articles on search engines. Long Tail keywords are the exact keywords readers search online. For instance,a reader will search for “best business universities in Mumbai”. If you have an article with exact wording, it will rank best on search engines, which means that the reader will stumble on your article first.Research shows that readers don’t bother to click on articles in page two,three etc,they only concentrate on page one.As a blogger,you have to master how to use long tail key words.

Developers realized there is a gap between bloggers and readers in terms of keyword usage.Therefore,they came up with LongTail Keyword Pro,a tool that will help you come up with killer long  tail keywords.For you to improve your traffic from 1,000 to 100,000 in a month,LongTail Pro is the tool you must employ. You can sign up to a free trial here

Unique content

It’s common sense that when readers identify your blog as unique, they will visit it again and again. It’s impossible to grow a blog that is full of other publishers’ content.

Assuming you’re one of the readers of a blog with lifted content, each morning you open CNN, read what is available, then open a local blog and find the same content there, you will get irritated. In my own opinion and of course opinion of other bloggers, you won’t succeed in blogging if your blog is not unique.

Better hosting company

One of the things that hamper the growth of a blog is the hosting company one has purchased its services. As a blogger, you have to identify a hosting company with 100% uptime, automatic scaling, secure, excellent customer service, reliable and cheap. Over the past 5 years,Kinsta has been hosting all my website and I find it excellent. I would like to recommend it to other bloggers who wish to transfer their sites to a better hosting company. The good thing about Kinsta is that they will migrate your site into their platform for free.Another thing I have always enjoyed is that no matter how many visitors my blog receives in a day,I have never experienced downtime. To join Kinsta,click here

Once your blog is at Kinsta,you will be shocked how fast it will start loading.