Perfect Web Hosting Company in 2018

Perfect Web Hosting Company in 2018


Kinsta has been ranked as the ‘perfect web hosting company’ in 2018.The Company featured prominently in a survey done among 20 leading hosting companies in the world.

The main reasons why kinsta is perfect are as follows:

  • Website loading speed
  • Customer Service
  • 100% uptime
  • Automatic scaling
  • Security
  • Automatic daily back up
  • Free migration

Nowadays people don’t just look for a hosting company, they are keen to know key features provided by the company. There are three main features most bloggers are concerned of: uptime, website loading speed and security. The good thing is that Kinsta studied the minds of publishers and unveiled what every website owner needed.

One thing you will agree with me is that when you migrate your website to kinsta,the loading speed increases by over 100%,the uptime is 100% guaranteed and security is guaranteed.You will also realize that their customer service is excellent.In a chat,you will get a response in a split of a second.

Kinsta is specifically focusing on WordPress sites.I’t called Premium Managed WordPress company because it does all the donkey work as you publish.Messages like,”error in database connection” will be a thing of the past and malware related issues won’t arise.

The company charges as little as $30 per month.If you feel that you have been getting a raw deal from other hosting companies,click here to join Kinsta