Kinsta Cheapest Plan

Kinsta Cheapest Plan


Kinsta cheapest plan costs $30 per month and it’s for websites that receive less than 20,000 visitors per month.

Before you decided on whether you will host your website at Kinsta or not, here is my experience with the company. In 2015 I was hosting all my 5 websites at a local hosting company. This period I was serious on saving in terms of hosting costs but one thing forced me to migrate my website to Kinsta.One morning I found all my websites suspended…I was unable to login to my sites, or even access them online .After contacting the host, they told me I either upgrade to a dedicated server or leave. I decided to leave.

By the time I was leaving, my website had gone offline for 3 days.Luckily, guys at Kinsta helped to migrate two of my sites and I was able to find a specialist to migrate the other three.

I have been hosting the sites at Kinsta and in my entire time I have been here, they have been extremely helpful. What I have experienced is :

  • Traffic has doubled
  • Website loading speed is blazing fast
  • Kinsta customer service is awesome
  • Flexible payment period
  • Kinsta Cache
  • Real Time Analytic statistics
  • 100% uptime

What I enjoy most about Kinsta is the loading speed of my websites. Due to this, my blogs have gained more visitors, resulting to increase in SEO ranking.

For those who are planning to migrate to Kinsta,this is the right time to do so.I guarantee 100% satisfaction. You can click here to see plans